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My main goal is to have Vmware running 25+ Virtual Machines at the same time without lag. I have 2 X W5580's CPU's with 24GB of ram and Adaptec 5408 RAID Card, and 4 P128 SSD's drives. The VM's don't need more then 8GB of hard drive space. Is it better to run 4 SSD's at RAID0 or 2 RAID0's and split where the VM's are?
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  1. Because RAID0 is so highly vulnerable to failures, I suggest two separate RAID0 on two separate controllers. That way, if one fails, half your VMs can still run.

    Obviously, my personal concerns lean more to reliability than to blazing speed.
  2. rrob - You mentioned using Vmware running 25+ Virtual Machines. Have you checked over in the business enterprise side of the ssd market? A few months ago I ran across some very interesting articles about VMware and ssd's.
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