I have recently got an LCD 17" display. When I connect it to the analog input, I have to turn it off at startup otherwise it makes my computer freeze at the video bios screen. However I just bought a GF4 with DVI, using this it will not start at all. If I take all of the connections out of my Graphics Card, it boots straight up, it also works if I use my old 15" CRT, what can be causing this, does my LCD require something new? Someone must know, please help.

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  1. Come on, someone must have an idea, this is not a troll post. GoShark help me please!!!!

    My sig's faster than yours, and it overclocks better too....
  2. I have a hard time believing it is the monitor causing the problem. I’m no expert on systems or BIOS, odds are it is one of these that is causing the problem. Make certain all previous video drivers are completely removed from the system, old drivers lying around have caused me headaches in the past.

    Try the monitor on another system to see if the symptoms move with the monitor.

    Sorry I cannot be more help.

    Jim Witkowski
    Chief Hardware Engineer

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  3. I agree there is little chance that an LCD can cause the instability your talking about unless its faulty (shorting a pin).

    Maybe plugging your LCD into your GCard is causing some form of noise on the AGP bus which is causing a boot failure, how old is your MB.

    Try a few of the basics/common sense things:

    Try the LCD on a different PC, if its OK try swapping your graphics card and see if the problem moves as well.. this should allow you to narrow down the problem.

    You could have a graphics card issue, I know some CRT's will only display B&W on some cards until they boot.. but seeing this across multiple GC's means this is not the cause!!

    Very unlikely but: boot into Safe Mode (depending on OS make sure you can see the invisible hardware.. check box etc..), make sure and verify there are no duplicate device drivers, if there are remove all the duplicates so you have none of the hardware, and let windows windows redect them. Windows can write back to the BIOS and could be screwing something up.

    Good Luck

  4. Thanks neil and gosharks. im in the process of building an AGP celeron system so as soon as i get that done ill attempt to swap a few things around. i dont think its the GC as it happened on my old GF2 MX aswell, although I have to admit they were both made by gainward. Im not sure how old my mobo isw, its a Gigabyte GA-6OXT-A mobo for p3 tualitins and coppermines. im not sure if there are any known stability problems with this mobo?
    However if the worse comes to the worse, ill stick with VGA, its not too bad really, and the difference is only minimal for me (I could recconect DVI once I was in windows, although doing this everytime i boot would be anoyying).
  5. Sounds a lot like a short or dead pin to me. If it is freezing up before the OS boots, I doubt it is a driver. Could your MB BIOS have some advanced settings for video? I'm not familiar with the board you have.
  6. Yea, i would also say its probably something to do with the pins, especially the cable. Try using a different cable. Thats the only thing.
  7. Its strange that it hppens on both my VGA and DVI cables though, However, I will try it and report back. While im at it ill have a look at the bios.
  8. Ok, ive had a quick look in the bios, and there are no settings for VGA outputs etc. The only things I can fing are the vga power mode settings, which are currently at DPMS (not sure what this means) and also perhaps its something to do with the card, or the AGP slot? I dont think its the cable, although Im shortly going to check for shorts using my multimeter. Also I dont think it has anything to do with windows or drivers, because its fine when in theire. One thing I do notice is that during windows load-up the screen turns on and off a few times. Also If I reset the computer after it has frozen in the bios, I get an ERROR BEEP CODE of continuos beeps (not one long beep) Not sure what this means but I thought it might be helpful.
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