Dead 9800gx2.. need new card

after my 9800gx2 died a month ago i was told that i will get money refund for it, so what card should i get now with the same money? (same price as new card plus/minus a few $$)
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  1. Wait untill you have the money before dropping it on a new card.
  2. Couple questions...:
    How much did it cost you when you bought it (what is your budget)?
    What resolution is your monitor?

    Personal Question:
    Money refund eh? Where did you buy it from?
  3. i would wait an put the money towards an ATI 58XX series due out in a few weeks
  4. Refund? As far as I know if the card is over the 30 day period you have no refund. Normally the procedure is to RMA the card if it was initially registered and still in the warranty time-frame. If your GX2 was made by XFX, EVGA or BFG then you should have a lifetime warranty, if it was made by any other manufacturer and lets say the warranty expired the that normally means you are screwed.... Hope this helps....
  5. just to clear things up.... the importing company which was the supplier of my card got broke so things got missed up and they cant replace cards. so they will pay money refund :)

    and as for the money, will its kind of complicated... im from israel so the prices aren't same (sometimes off by 150$), but for instance a HD4850 costs around 160$, HD4870 ~215$, HD4890 ~300$, GTX260 ~250$, GTX275 ~300$, GTX285 ~475$, GTX295 ~675$.

    i have around 375$ to spend.
  6. I would work on getting that refund if you haven't gotten in already. That's an interesting arrangement you have there so take advantage of getting your money in your hand and get back to us when you have the money.

    I would also do as others suggested and wait for the direct x11 cards to be released. Even if you don't get a direct x11 card the current cards out now should drop in price to some degree and allow you to get more for your money...
  7. I would wait for the ATI 58xx. But if you want a graphic card now, I say go for the HD4870, it's the card with the best price/performance ratio from your list.
  8. Looking at those prices the 5870/50 will probably be $600/$400 or more where you are. I'd go with the 4870, looks like the best price/performance for your choices there.
  9. how does the 4870 stack up against the 9800GX2??
  10. 5870 or 5870x2 and thats all i have to say about that!
  11. The GX2 is superior to the 4870....
  12. the 9800GX2 would be better than the 4870. The 4890 would probably hold its own against the GX2 though.
  13. well, the 5870 should be out in a couple of weeks right?
    i think i might just wait for it. im in no rush to buy a new card especially with the some tests coming up :(
  14. Yep, I would say by the end of this month, begining of next month....
  15. Its set to release on September 22nd in the US, 23rd other places im pretty sure.
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