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Motherboard will not beep or start / Only LED Green Light is Lit

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February 13, 2010 7:04:42 AM

i took apart my whole setup for a move as i thought it would be safer then leaving the computer together. putting it back together, i have run into problems.

Motherboard = asus 5pq pro turbo
cpu = q8600

I have only the motherboard, ram, and CPU connected to the power supply.

when i power on, the CPU fan will spin for half of a second and stop.

the LED green light of the motherboard is on.

the Power Supply is not the problem

I do not get any beeping whatsoever from the motherboard

I do not know if this is relevant but connecting the 12v rails 4+4 pins to the MB and a PCI-E 6pin cord to the graphic card, and then using a paper clip on the green/back pins of the 20-pin power supply cord to simulate power on, the CPU fan will start spinning at normal speed... Whether or not this is an indication that the CPU is not the problem, I am not sure.

I do not believe the RAM is the problem because I have multiple sticks and if one was bad then I could still boot, they would all need to be bad for me to be unable to boot.

Where do I go from here in order to figure out what the problem is?

If the motherboard turns out to be the problem, how can I access my hdd? My understanding is that whenever you change motherboards, you are required to reinstall windows and cannot simply switch one hdd for another???

I am very desperate and all help is appreciated.


I saw this on the forum but dont know what it means, can anyone please elaborate?

Q. My new system doesn't work; the fans turn on 3 seconds and then turn off, or
Q2. My new system won’t respond at all, won’t post?

A. Most likely cause of this situation is the motherboard being grounded by a misplaced mounting post. Check to make sure all the post line up with all the holes in the motherboard, and remove any posts that don't.
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February 13, 2010 1:48:42 PM

It means that there is a electrical short because the motherboard is not grounded. I would recommend that you pull it out, place the MB on a piece of cardboard (not the anti-static bag it came in) and reinstall everything. Chances are your problem is just a connection issue.
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