P5QL Pro CMOS reset problems

Hey guys,

my p5ql pro mobo has f***ed itself. It was working and i went to have dinner and the screen went on standby but the system was still on. Usually i just wiggle the mouse and the screen goes on, but this time it didnt do that. I tried taking out the CMOS reset battery and no boot screen, power LED or HDD LED. Ive had this before but i just reset the cmos, this time its not working. Specs:

e8400@ 3.6ghz not really hardcore OC
p5ql pro mobo
4gb ddr2 ram
xfx gts 250
500gb seagate Harddrive

it was working before i had dinner and i went back on to do some homework and it died :S.


thank you guyss
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  1. PSU still good?

    After you took out the battery, did place jumpers the CMOS jumper 1-2 to 2-3 and back again?
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