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Can anyone suggest a goo gaming micro atx case. Now for me i am happy with single card graphics configurations; i don't need sli/cfx. I also have a decent 600 watt power supply which i don't need more wires. I have a moderate cpu cooler, a zalman 9500nt.I need it to be longer than 390 mm in depth. I need it to have no hard drive bays at the bottom so that there is space for any type of graphics card. i've recently been interested in the cooler master 342 case but i can't find it anywhere. Please don't suggest an atx case because it won't fit in my desk and they are oversized anyway. Currently i have a casecom ma-1199 which is actually good, just that with my matx motherboard is pushing the cpu to the side too much. All i need is a case with slightly more depth, so that the hard drives can go all the way in. Can anyone suggest me a good case? It has to bearound 175mm in width or over if possible. But i don't want a cube case they are not good for gaming in my opinion since they restrict cpu height.
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  1. I would recommend the following


    # Features:

    * Front meshed 5.25" drive bay with dust filter for maximum ventilation
    * 120mm TurboFan at rear for advanced airflow (front 120mm fan is optional)
    * Air guide and openings on side panel for better CPU & VGA cooling
    * Dual USB 2.0, High Definition audio

    # Case Type: M-ATX Mid Tower
    # Color: Black
    # Material: SECC
    # M/B Type: Micro ATX
    # Drive Bays: 9

    * External: 3x 5.25"; 2x 3.5"
    * Internal: 4x 3.5"

    # Expansion Slots: 4
    # Cooling System:

    * Front (intake): 1x 120x120x25mm (optional)
    * Rear (exhaust): 1x 120x120x25mm (1300rpm, 17dBA) TurboFan

    # Side Windows: No
    # Front I/O Panel: 2x USB 2.0 ports; 1x Speaker; 1x Mic
    # Power Supply: None
    # Dimensions (WxDxH): 7.5 x 16.3 x 14.2 inch / 190 x 413 x 360 mm
  2. Really need to take a look at, there is a whole slew of matx cases there. I see you want he Coolermaster elite 342, newegg has the elite 341 for a cheap $45, I also recommend the Antec NSK3480, which is similar in size and comes with and earthwatts 380 psu, which is really good, i use the atx version of this case and its good, it is $89 but seeing as you have a psu i am sure you can sell the one it comes with, both have enough space for a long graphics card, but the cooler master can hold more hdds if you aren't using a floppy. Even the Silverstone TJ08-B is a good choice, but those are my suggestions hpoefully they fit you need.
  3. i've got a matx case with me and a thermaltake tough power psu. I need a slightly longer matx case to my one at 390mm in depth so that hopefully the cpu can cool down further. Not that my cooler is crammed in but if incase in the future i could upgrade to a wider cpu cooler.
  4. coolit the problem with that case is that it has it's hard drive bays leading all the way down to the bottom. So if i were to get a really long graphics card it wouldn't fit? The hdd bays would be in the way. This is the case i have now and look you can see what i am talking about in what i want. also about that case, is the bottom 3.25 bays removable? Can the first to drive bays take hard drives? This is my case, when on the link press gallery to view pics of it.

    Also replying to glorian, newegg don't ship to the UK so i can't buy from them, and that's why i don't look at them unfortunately, only for reviews and imiages of products. I don't like that antec case, it's wayy too small won't fit since i ant to have 2 hdds. I want the biggest matx case out there with removable bottom hdd bays or none at all. Look at my casecome case link. It will give you an idea
  5. Sorry didn't think about you being in the UK, but imo the case you have is nice, the quickest and cheapest solution I see if get a dremel and cut out the bottom cage, looks like it only comes down on one side and you still have the mounts for two hard drives. If you don't have a dremel, a small hack saw, elbow grease, and patience will get you the same result. even a pair of metal shears will work.

    That's the best I can offer you atm, and its what i woulda done to get the room for a gpu.
  6. i'm really interested in the cooler master elite 342 though. Is it completely sold out, do they not make them any more? because it's almost eactly what i need.
  7. Glorian - No need to get a dremel. Typically hard drive cages are fastened with rivets. The rivets can be easily drilled out. Just use a drill bit made for drilling metal that is the same diameter as the rivet hole. Start drilling on the side with the flat part of the rivet. Of course that would mean you would have to relocate hard drives to the external drive bays.

    Nashsafci - How about the Coolermaster Elite 341? The photos at pretty much match your description:

    Don't know if it is available in the UK. I've actually looked at the 341 at a Fry's Electronics store. I thought it might be a good case for an energy efficient system.
  8. can it take it's hard drives in the top 2 bays rather than the last bottom one and the second last bottom one? I want to have a case that allows as much space inbetween the cpu cooler and the hard drives. And also the graphics card. my motherboard is an xfx 8300 geforce have a look at it you will see how it pushes the cpu to the corner of the board so this is bad because it pushes the cpu cooler to the corner thus closer to the hard drives. Less air gap inbetween the cpu cooler and the hard drives.
  9. anyway that case is more or less the same in dimensions as my current case, only 1 centimetre longer. Could you comment on the layout of my case, tell me if the cooling looks adequate.

  10. I am not familiar with computer hardware sites that ship or are based out of UK.

    However the Coolermaster elite 341 looks like your best bet, and I saw one on ebay for £31 buyout.

    Also that cpu loaction and that cooler definitely limit you with hard drive location, you should be able to put your hard drives in the floppy drive locations.
  11. you mean that the hard drives are effecting the temperature? I had the cooler facing towards the hard drives but thought the cooler would work better if i turned it the other way; there would be a larger gap. The hard drives don't actually officially fit into the floppy drive bays. The slots to put the screws in don't go high enough to reach the screw positions in the hdd comfortably.
  12. but there is a front case fan can you note that as well. Have a look at the aside panel, the other side is also very familiar as well. i'm not really much bothered with hard drive heat although, you think it will bother cpu cooler performance? They only go up to 30 max i think. Those bays i have put them in are the only bays for the hard drives the other two slots don't reach properly. I think they're mainly for other devices ie. card readers. There's also a vent above the graphics card, small pci vent. i don't think that will effect anything?
  13. the cpu cooler seems to fit in just nicely, it's not pushing or touching against the hdd you know, and there is a small gap inbetween them, just with this camera makes it looks hard to visualise it. OH NO, i've just read that the cooler master 341, is 319cm deep, that's much less than the depth of my case. I'm looking for something with slightly more depth and no less height. So that the hdds can be pushed all the way in you get what i mean?
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