Overclocking with sonata iv case

hay guys
Just bought a new computer and i am planning on overclocking my i7 2600k cpu. I am new to overclocking and I'll probably go for 4.2/4.5 or so (this is for rendering in 3ds max). I have heard that the sonata IV case don't have good air intake so i am worried about heat.

this is my new system:
intel i7-2600k
Asus p8z68-v
G.Skill 2X4
WD Caviar blue 500Gb

case: Antec sonata iv with 620w psu (comes with the case)
cooling: Corsair A70

is my case good for oc or will I have heat problems

(BTW anything else you can think of that i have done wrong with my new system please tell me..)

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  1. I hate to say it, but i'd agree...this case has one 120mm fan and its just for exaust. I highly suggest another case before oc'n much.

    The build looks fine, its the case that i'd work on.

    Do you have a budget for one, if so how much can you afford?
  2. i can probebly afforde somthing like this as an alternative:

    Antec Three Hundred Case Midi Tower Gamer Black Case
    random link:

    or this

    Element T Midi Tower Series Black Case
    some link:

    and ill add a 620w power supply

    how is that?
  3. The Antec is a great budget builders case...absolutely worth it! Not sure if i'd get it off ebay but that's just me.

    heres the NE link for a slightly better version!: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811129066
  4. Thanks very much
    ill probably take that one and not from ebay
    its awesome that people actualy care and answer (yes it's the first time I'm posting a question)
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