BIOS problem or HDD problem

I have Acer 4730z laptop. I normally work long hrs, so take out battery and put it on direct power. And few times it has got abrupt shutdown due to power failure or friends switching off supply..

Now, the main problem.. 2 weeks ago after such abrupt shutdown when switched it on it said could not find local drive.. I restarted system and went into BIOS setup, there was no HDD mentioned.. I thot my HDD had quit on me.. But when I save and quit BIOS, system switched on properly.. Now everytime i switch it on it shows "Local Disk not found" unless I go into BIOS and do a save and quit...

Pls help out... Thnx in Advance..

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  1. Exactly what are you saving when you go into the BIOS?
  2. nothing.. BIOS main page opens up.... I dont make any changes.. and then while exiting it asks me to save and exit.. I do that and windows loads properly.. Thnx for replyinh..
  3. While in the Bios, is there an option to use default settings. Also, while in BIOS, check the boot order.
  4. I checked the boot order.. It doesn't recognise any HDD.. Oly my DVD drive is present in boot order list and all other slots are blank.. I had tried out default setting options too.. Didn't work out...
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