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How to stack radiators? Antec 900 water cooling help

Lately I've been thinking a lot about my next upgrades... of course... Well, I know that I'm holding off until next spring to buy a next-gen GPU and add that to my water cooling loop. I just think it's not worth putting my 5850s under water at this time.

So, I have a 120x2 rad at the moment which is more than enough for my i5 750 OC, but once I put a new GPU in the loop I will obviously need a little better cooling.

I'm using an Antec 900 II case, which is only a mid tower. I just finished (build log coming) putting the radiator inside the front of the case and now I'm considering my options for when I need more rad. I was thinking about buying a bigger case before I started this mod, but I figure I'd rather put that $350 towards other things if I can help it.

Ok, so my question about stacking. I figure I have the room in there to add a 220 rad stacked with my current one. Basically I'm thinking it'll go (from front to back) fans -> rad -> fans -> rad -> fans (if they fit). But I don't really see how I can stack the radiators together - it would be nearly impossible to screw in on both sides of the middle fans. Anyone know a solution?

I realise that Swiftech has (had?) a stackable radiator set, but the ports won't align with my kit so it's not really an option.

If stacking is too difficult, I might have other options. I could put a 120x1 rad on the rear exhaust, and I know Antec made a 200mm rad for the top fan, however, I am pretty sure it would interfere with my mobo as it was designed for the Antec 1200 case. Maybe a 120x1 on the rear exhaust and a 180x1 on top? Just not sure... I hear the Silverstone TJ07B calling my name lol.
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  1. You really don't want to use stacked rads, you really diminish the performance of the 2nd rad (getting the warm air blown into) by as much as 40%.
  2. That much hey? Wow.

    I know that with 1 CPU and 1 GPU I'm probably not going to be needing to dissipate more than 500W of heat, so I'm thinking maybe I can get away with a thick 120x1 on the exhaust... Any thoughts? Otherwise I'll need to get creative haha. I was actually kind of tossing around the idea of that 200mm rad on top, but to chop the mesh and place the rad on the outside of the case since it won't be able to fit inside.
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    If you already have a 2x120, adding a thick 120 would probably be fine.
  4. Ok, well thanks for your help Rubix!
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  6. Damn, missed a modding opportunity hehe,
    If you mount spacing brackets the damage to cooling power is reduced,
    But its not really ideal especially as your not cooling too much
  7. I was just looking inside my case and I'm still trying to figure out the best way to go about this. There's maybe not even enough room for the 120 on the exhaust, unless I cut out the mesh and maybe do some trickery there. Well, possibly having the rad's barbs on the top would work, but it's very close to the GPU on the bottom side.

    I'm thinking there is a bit of room on the bottom of my case so I may be able to fit another 120 in there, but it's kind of a waste of cash to get two 120s instead of a 120x2 lol.
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