New computer with enough PSU

Hey all,

I'm looking at building a new computer with:

AMD Phenom II X3 720 2.8GHz
Kingston HyperX 2GB
Either a 4890 or a 4850 X2

I currently have a 550W PSU with decent rails from Thermaltake and I was planning on just using that in my new build. My question is do you think that this is enough? (please don't give any recommendations for anything over 650W. It's a computer, not a third-world country)

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  1. You should be okay with one 4890 and your existing power supply. I'm not sure about 4850 x2.
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    Two 4850's need about 16 amps so a 4850X2 should be similar. So your PSU should still be OK.
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