DDR2 1066 running at 800 on M4N72-E mobo with 550BE

Hi! I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get my DDR2 to run at its 1066 rating. I have the latest Asus BIOS and have it set to auto for memory speed. If I manually set BIOS to 1066 and run memtest, one of my cpu cores fails almost immediately (which I assume is not the cores fault but a data transfer issue). I think I read somewhere that in order for DDR2 to run at 1066, its voltage needs to be set at about 2 V (I believe my setting is at 1.9 V). Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Thanks in advance for your suggestions/answers!
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  1. go to the ASUS website and see if the memory is on the QVL list, ASUS MB's are picky about their memory
  2. I did that prior to buying the memory and it's on my mobo's QVL. Since it is Corsair Dominator type, I visited Corsair's website after posting here to see if there might be additional info there, which there is. I tried following what I found there and was able to bump it up to 1066, but everytime I try running Memtest I get the BSOD after approximately 10% of RAM tested. I bumped the speed back down to 800 and re-ran Memtest only to have it fail again, but I think I got closer to 13% before It went to BSOD. I need to run each stick seperately to see if I have a bad stick, just haven't had time yet.

    On a side note, somewhere along the line of playing with my BIOS settings I managed to unlock my Phenom II X2 550BE because now when I read my system using nVidia System Monitor or CPU-Z, it tells me my processor is a Phenom II X4. So after I get my memory issue figured out I will be able to start playing with oc'ing with my processor.

    I'll follow up on what I discover concerning my memory here and will try and remember what I did to unlock my cpu cores and post that info in the appropriate forum.

    Being new to BYOPC and oc'ing, I appreciate the help received here and in other forums located on this website. Thanks!
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