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Currently i am running 1600 c7 4x2gb on my 890fx-UD5 with 965BE.

I have BF3 and Batman Arkham City, and many multitask programs like Adobe CS5, Autodesk and 20 tab browsing.

I just got an Asus 560 Ti, to tie me over on the games till i upgrade.

I am going to upgrade with 2500k with Asus Deluxe, or 2700k with Asus Maximus.

From what I have read on toms articles and in other forums, higher clock memory isn't worth the money for the performance and to get an idea of the comparision i should divide the latency by the clock.

Pretty much i am debating on whether i need 16gb over my 8gb, and if i go with 8gb i can get 1600 c6, and with 16gb c7.

1600 c6, divides to the highest number based on every clock/latency memory sticks you can get including 2133 c9.

I just read that most things don't use more than 6gb, but i am wondering how much performance increase would i get going from my current 1600 c7 4x2gb, to the 4x4gb 1600 c7 or 4x2gb 1600 c6 or 2x4gb 1600 c7?
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  1. With DDR3 RAM, frequency and latency changes have very little impact on system performance typically ~1% or less. There is an advantage to more then 8 GB. for running CAD, video editing, etc. but it's not a major deal in most cases.
  2. Unless you're doing all of those things at once, you won't max out 8gb, except possibly in CAD. 8 should do you fine.
    1600 is probably worth the extra $5 over 1333, but don't bother going higher. RAM speed is not very important; only the very small difference in price makes 1600 worth it. Latency makes for negligible differences.
  3. So springing for c6 over c7 would be negligible.

    How about the difference between using 2x4gb and 4x2gb of the same 1600 c7??
  4. Zero difference. Might as well get the 2x4, in case you ever, for some reason, need 16gb in the future.
  5. I saw the Rip Jaw X's for 84$ for 2x4gb 1600 c7.

    I figured to just stay with the same speed. Since it seems to cover my needs, it will due fine for awhile.

    I just think that another 80$ for a total 16gb is worth it. Hell i spent double that on a SSD 120gb.
  6. Get $50 8gb 1600 c9. The difference is negligible. Then another $50 might be worth it.
  7. I am just a Gskill fan, so i would get the 48$ 2x4gb 1600 c9 Ripjaw X's in Red.

    My last build was about 1000$ out the door, with the basics(cm 692, 212+, HX650, 965, UD5, 5770). and through the last year i have upgraded to a SSD, 560 Ti, and 3tb in harddrives.

    But now that i have everything kind of built up, I wanted to go big in January with my left over school money. Like do a half a build, since i already have the hard drives, dvd, psu, cooler, video card, and case.

    What i plan on buying is a 2500k w/deluxep67, the memory, 212+, power supply and a case.

    I am giving my mom my leftovers, so for the psu and case, she is going to go in half, since she would have to pay about half for something cheaper to replace what i take.
  8. How'd you manage to spend that much on a system like that?
    692 $90
    955 $120
    212+ $25
    UD5 $190 why the heck did you do that? A $120 board would have been fine.
    HDD $60
    5770 $150 or something
    that's still below $450. Did you just take the extra $550 and burn it? :P
    oh I see, you included upgrades.
  9. In August of 2010 on Newegg

    Owned before build:
    Acer H233H=199$

    Last Build:
    win 7=100$
    6gb/s Black 1tb=100$
    Gskill 2x2gb 1600 c7=70-80ish

    Since then I got:
    Gskill 2x2gb 1600 c7
    Acer H233H
    560 ti=250$ w/arkham city
    Vertex 2 120gb
    scythe pro 6 fan controller
    Samsung f3 1tb
    Caviar Green 2tb

    But for what i paid over 1 year ago, is now super cheap. Making me wonder why i would want to pay extra for the best, when i will want to upgrade with in the next two years.
    THe thing is, if i bought a 5970, it would still beat most updates, so buying the super fastest does help future proof it!

    So yeah i paid about 900-1000$ on the first 10 parts with windows 7. and have spent between 500-1000$ since then. Not including the Acer screen i had pre-build.
  10. The part not setup in my build is the old 5770.

    I just though based on what i have and the 1000$ish i will have in January, doing a full redesign seemed like a cool idea.

    Since my mom is going to take the leftovers, I figure i should buy a new better case and PSU, since i want two 560 ti and since i want the HAF-X

    But to keep in mind, my mom could just buy a cheap case and power supply, saving me like 350$ towards something else and i would keep my HX650 and 692.

    Pretty much what I don't take she will use, and she is going to buy all new parts to replace the things i take.

    So its like trying to figure out a puzzle.

    What i wanted to do on my side was get the:

    2500k and Deluxe, 2x4gb, DVD, 212+ evo and then a case and psu.

    That means she would just need win 7 and a hard drive.
  11. OK, now I'm semi-lost. What do you currently need to do?
  12. I need to figure out what parts i want to upgrade.

    Once i got that, i will figure what i will take out of my current computer.

    Then i will make sure they combine to build my new computer.

    Then the leftovers from what i didn't take out of my current computer, i need to find the parts for my mom.

    So pretty much based on what i have, what should i upgrade??

    If she takes the cpu and mobo, then she should take the case and psu!

    I rather get myself a new Case and PSU, than buy her some super cheap combo pack and do a super huge swap!

    I thought I would buy:
    212+ EVO
    2x4gb 1600 c9

    I would need to take:
    Three hard drives + SSD
    560 Ti
    Win 7
    (Then my accessories, fan controller and screens etc)

    CM 692
    4x2gb 1600 c7

    I would need to find her:
    DVD Player
    Windows 7
    Hard Drive

    I figured the HX650 is bound to that case, and to take out everything to put into another case, and then put my new stuff into it, would be waste of time!

    So i decided it would be best to leave the case, mobo, psu, cpu, and heatsink all in tact, The rest will be easy to add!
  13. The Haf X was just my first choice.

    I wouldn't mind the HAf 932 or what ever, or the regular 212+!

    For PSU, i trust Corsair, and i haven't seen psu reviews for any new versions, but i know that the HX line are truely awesome!

    So please critque on what to upgrade?
  14. Are you planning to go SLI, or just to upgrade to a nicer single card? If SLI isn't in the cards, take the 650W and get your mom an Antec 430. If it is, then this looks good.

    The Deluxe would be a waste of money. A P8P67 PRO will be fine at $170 (

    The 212+ is a CPU cooler, not a case. Choose your case by stylistic preference.

    Spinpoint for the HDD, any old thing with decent Egg reviews for the DVD.
  15. I guess every dollar counts.

    I plan to get a second 560 Ti for super performance.

    How good are the Coolermaster Power Supplies?

    As long as the performance and specs are equal. I just know that the motherboard is the central system and a weak motherboard makes everything weak!

    The 212+ is 10$ cheaper than the EVO.

    The Haf 932 is 40$ cheaper than the HAF X

    Asus Pro is 25$ cheaper(since i get 20$ off with deluxe 2500k combo)

    So just between those three i could save 75$.

    Plus i can get a Coolermaster PSU with the CM case saving me $70 in instants, combo and mail in rebates!

    This is what i have in the cart:

    Haf 932 Advanced and CM Silent Gold Series 800watt-$300 w/40mir

    Gskill Rip Jaw 1600 c9 2x4gb-$49

    P8p67 Pro-$170 w/10mir



    =$760 w/$50 in Mail In Rebates

    So $700 for these upgrades!!

    That is amazing cause i had about 900$ with the other stuff.
  16. Well, expensive CM PSUs are probably better, but it has a bad reputation in the lower-end market.

    If you're worried about case money, just get some $40 case! It won't make much of a difference, and that's $120 right there.

    You're wrong about the motherboard. A weak motherboard might slightly slow down a system, and a lack of features is a lack of features, but motherboard certainly don't scale performance with price to anywhere near the degree that the core components - CPU, GPU and HDD - do.
  17. My SSD Vertex 2 120gb is top notch

    A 2500k is in the 2nd tier(according to toms, only 2600k 2700k and Extremes are on tier 1), but its still top caliber!

    One 560 Ti might be top caliber, but a second would put me at top notch even above a 5970 or GTX 580!

    Seriously i might just buy another CM 692, I could have had the HAF, but i loved the style and pure genius of the 692, especially at the price point of 80$!!!

    The 2500k can combo with the Sabertooth, EVO and EVGA SLI, which all equal the same as the PRO w/2500k when bought separately.

    Which of those boards would you think is best? They even have the P8P67 and LE, which could also save like 40$ in a combo.
  18. I was reading around about PSU's, and nvidia says you should have a 700watt psu or above for SLI 560 Ti.

    But from what i have been reading, people are saying a 600watt will do.

    I know my psu has four 6+2 pins, i was just afraid of under powering it.

    It would just be nice to use my PSU for SLI 560 Ti, cause i could get a 2nd 560 TI for the price of a Power Supply.

    If i need one, for $335 i can get a 2nd 560 Ti Asus and a TX750

    or for 384$, they got the Asus 560 Ti with a PC P&C 910watt

    I use to have two 5770's running, but i returned the 2nd one for an Android Tablet.

    So i know that my computer can handle that much!

    I know with hard drives and SSD's you leave 20% on the card, but i dont know the head room you should have with the PSU!
  19. I did a Power Calculator, which i added everything i would get on my purchase with adding extra to overestimate.

    It says i need a 647watt, with 600watt minimum and that is with SLI 560 Ti>

    This is also with OCing the 2500k to 3.6, my fan controller, and hypothetically saying all of my USB devices were plugged in(joystick, external sound card, printer, intuos4, mouse/keyboard, iPad)
  20. 560 Tis run around 285W under full load (, so I'd go 750W.
    PSUs are most efficient around 80-85% load, I believe, and that fits the bill. GPUs = 570W, CPU = somewhere around 100, assuming you won't be doing Prime95 and Furmark at the same time (a 2500K can hit around 200W under full load, but you won't have full CPU load on all cores and full GPU load at the same time), everything else = something like 30.
    That's 700, so go 750. That TX750W/560 Ti combo sounds good.

    The 2500K is basically the best possible gaming CPU. The 2600K is necessary only in really crazy instances like 580 SLI. The Tom's CPU hierarchy is quite vague; there are larger differences between CPUs in the same tier than between GPUs in the same tier over in their hierarchy.

    Cases do NOT scale by price. Just go with the one that you like best, taking price into consideration only as a negative factor.
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