Suggestions about an effective Computer Cooling System

Now I am designing a new cooling system device, I am wondering what the most important and the preference of cooling system, Would you mind telling me some useful information in order to establish an useful and suitable cooling system to all of you. Thanks

The ramifications of this anonymous study may be wide ranging in establishing an effective way to help legions of zealot study and prepare for their Computer Cooling System.

And this study mainly focus on the likelihood of Air cooling and Liquid cooling systems, and the concern of computer cooling system.

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  1. One of my biggest gripes about high performance HSF is how low the HS is to the base. This causes major issues with most high performance gaming RAM, since the HS on those are high. Push/Pull configurations are nice, but with most mid cases, the HS's sit too high, so maybe instead of installing massive 120mm fans, 80mm fans would be better. The best design ive used is when the fans point upwards to utilize top exhaust. Copper piping plated in nickel, and aluminum fins tend to work much better, especially when the fins are a little thinner imo.

    I hope this is what you are looking for???
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