Nvidia driver 190.62

i installed this driver and before i downloaded it from the nvidia site which ith told me was the right driver, i played cs and i use to get 99 fps before the download now i am getin like 60 i tryed to rollback the driver from device manager and it did nothing, i tryed a few other drivers didnt bring it back to 99fps, so i went to restore the driver to the state it came in and it still stayed at 60 fps. when it was 99 it was perfect i dont even know why i downloaded a nother one when i was getting perfect 99fps

anyhelp would be greaty its g9100 series and i have a nice machine, phenom quad core so perfromace shouldnt be a problem right i also got 8gb ram so idk
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  1. if its not broke dont fix .

    99 is good but 60 is fine as well i dont see any diff playing games at 99
    sure you didnt change any settings in the game ?
  2. Vsync?
  3. djbrad007 said:

    I agree. Check your vsync in your video settings ingame.
  4. /agree with vsync.

    although, I've noticed my 16x AF looking a little fuzzy since the 190 drivers came out :(
  5. yeah the old driver was better, i went to hp site and downloaded the driver it originaly came with and now im at 99fps again, and by the way 60 fps sucked, and when i went through smoke nades it droped to 40 fps, and now that its fixed smoke grenades dont drop the fps at all. nvidia's new drivers arnt good for it i guess cuase i downloaded 3 of their drivers an none of them worked
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