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Antec 900 II internal 220 rad (buildlog)

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a c 100 K Overclocking
October 28, 2011 6:28:51 AM

So, I finally finished installing my Swiftech Edge 220 kit internally! If you want, my initial build log is HERE with my first time setup, external mounting.

First and foremost, I took out all my drive bays and unplugged most stuff. In these shots I am trying to figure out where in the world I can put my hard drives.

Well, I was still pondering on that so I decided to make sure the rad would at least fit. Keep in mind this is the Edge kit, so it has an MCP35X mounted on the bottom, and a small res on top. This makes it extremely tall. You can't really tell from the picture, but the rad is ALMOST short enough to allow me to use my fan controller and have my DVD drive in there, but for one little thing. The plug on the res - and ONLY the plug - is too tall and it doesn't work. I'm probably going to be buying a slim DVD but for now if I need one I can use my girlfriend's USB DVDRW :D 

Ok so at least it fits. Securing it won't be too easy but whatever, it should work! I then hooked up all my fans. On the push side, I put on two of my CoolerMaster Sickle Flow (R4s). I have 3, but one of them ticks. They are sleeve bearing fans, but still very quiet and have a high static air pressure. On the pull side, I have two Scythe S Flex FDB fans. I then realised I could use the external mounting gear to add yet another fan. That 5th fan sticking out is a Silverstone Air Penetrator. It's a super quiet 1500rpm fan, but it's special design allows it to channel air like you wouldn't believe. With this little addition it will blow directly on my GPUs, which is where I had it before. Also in the last pic, I was thinking of maybe putting my SSD and backup drive (it's just a 120GB notebook drive) above the rad.

So I have my rad all ready to rock. I bought some L brackets but they were a tad too small to make for a "proper" mounting. The good news, though, is that with that 5th fan, the shroud it's in actually is almost as wide as the bay so it helps center the rad. I drilled a couple holes and used an L bracket on the inside. Basically 1 screw into the shroud and 1 into the side of the bay. I then secured the front portion using several zip ties, and it worked surprisingly well. Unfortunately I got a bit sloppy with photographing at this point, so I can't really show off the final mounting stuff. I added some basic metal fan grills on the front for protection.

Anyway, back to the HDD dilemma. Well turns out the Swiftech kit came with a bunch of different mounting gear, which included 4 small L brackets. So... check out where my RAID 0 Seagates are now! I couldn't believe how well it worked.

After that it was pretty easy. I drilled a couple holes in the bottom of the case for my SSD and backup drives. Here's what it looks like with intial (untidy) wiring.

One thing you won't see in these last pics is what I used for an air intake filter. I think this was pretty smart and worked out super well IMO... I went to the hardware store and bought a shop vac filter! It's a foam cylinder, so I split it and made it into a nice rectangle. It actually fit so perfectly I couldn't have done it better myself! It does make the front LED fans very dim, but to be honest, I like the look. I kind of got a little bored of the bright blue front lights, I only want the interior very light up now.

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a c 100 K Overclocking
October 28, 2011 6:32:14 AM

So, here's the closing pics of it all set up. Hope you enjoy and if you have questions, please ask.

Oh and just throwing it out there... eventually I'll be adding a GPU to the loop so if you see any possibility of adding more rad space in this case I'm all ears. I'm tossing around the idea of rear exhaust 120mm rad, maybe a larger 180mm would fit on top (or even a 120x2?), or maybe there's some space down where the SSD currently is. I'm just trying to avoid spending big money if I don't need to lol.

EDIT: Oh and if you're wondering about performance, I just ran Intel Burn Test. My i5 750 at 4ghz (1.33V) is idling at 28-33C, and under max load it topped out at only 62C. Awesomesauce. I also have all the fans at only 1300rpm so it's pretty darn quiet.
a c 205 K Overclocking
October 28, 2011 7:04:04 AM

Great bit of modding mate, I particularly approve of the 'L' brackets use :) 
Maybe a 240 at the rear or on top is your solution for the intended gpu tweak?
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October 28, 2011 9:20:39 AM

It looks nice. I have the exact same case and I am happy too see there are a lot of things you can do with it and fit into it.
a c 100 K Overclocking
October 28, 2011 2:26:50 PM

Thanks guys.

Yeah, Moto. I'm thinking I could probably fit a slim, low FPI 120x2 up top (or 140x2?). I'll obviously have to do up some measurements and stuff, but that seems like the most efficient place right now.
a c 186 K Overclocking
October 29, 2011 12:37:49 AM

Nice work bud,i see you're always keeping busy!;)