2nd Video Card not showing in the Device Manager for an SLI Setup!

So I have 2 of the Exact Same Video Card, (Geforce 8800gts 512mb) both Bridged to eachother, have the power connectors all Setup the way they should be, but only 1 Video Card is showing up in the Device Manager!?! Both fans are working, but I\'m afraid the 2nd one is not helping out at all. Mobo has SLI compatibility, 1st being 16x but having 2nd Video Card running at 8x. What can I possibly have not setup correctly for it not to show the 2nd Video Card in the Device Manager?
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  1. Did you uninstall old drivers and install new drivers?
  2. My psychic powers and my crystal balls both say that the problem could be with whatever mother board you are using or with whatever PSU you are using or with whatever driver version you are using or with how you connected the cards to whatever PSU you are using or other please specify.
  3. I'm sure you can't appreciate it, but its *incredibly* frustrating to get a question that can't possibly be answered without simple information like the make/model of each component in the PC.

    So, have you tried to run the system with one card by itself? And then with the other?

    When you let us know, please provide config info.
  4. Wow, Forum's are freaking awesome.. 1st time really giving it a try.. but nonetheless, as for my motherboard, my power supply, both are SLI Compatible. Have just tried the uninstallation of both and reinstallation of ALL my nvidia drivers, including the nforce drivers for my mobo which consisted of my Ethernet Drivers, which caused a Headache and a Half but original mobo CD saved the day. BUT, still both 8800 Video Cards are not showing up in the Device Manager, BUT, then again also noticed something in the Device Manager that I have never seen before since adding the secondary Video Card, which lists as: "(NVIDIA Network Bus Enumurator)" which I am lead to beleive that that is what is showing in the Device Manager to show that both are being detected.. Yes, I realize that it says Network in there, but beleive its for the Bridge, because it did detect the "'other' nvidia (bridge) card" on there.. any suggestions on whether my assumption is true or not?
  5. Nothing further from me until you prove that both video cards work by running the system first with ONE, and then with the OTHER.
  6. ^Yeah, in this situation, Twoboxer is right on.
    The VERY FIRST thing you need to find out is if both cards work by installing each card by its self and running a few tests.
  7. Alright, so I finally had a chance to test the other Video Card as well by itself, had to have it in the main (top pci-e) slot for it to work functionally with Video at least. So both work just fine, just still isn't showing both cards under Display in the Device Manager. Either or I did notice a Graphics increase by quite a bit.. so I guess I will just assume that it is working properly.
  8. Easy way to test:


    Under GFX benchmarks, download . . . well Furmark is quick and easy. Run it with and without SLI and see the change in power.
  9. Also check to see if you second PCIe slot is enabled in the BIOS. Usually they are always on, but some BIOS's let you disable them, and some allow to you to designate which slot actually is the "master" slot, or the first slot to check for display. My old DFI board allowed all these things.
  10. My mobo is the GA-M55sli-S4 .. I read the manual .. finally, noticed that theres a bunch of drivers that I had to switch over on the mobo. And now the 2nd Video Card is reading in the Device Manager, but when I keep uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers it gives me the Code 10 Error for the 2nd Video Card (giving me a yellow exclamation mark for the 2nd video card).. Can't see ANY sort of settings to change in the BIOS for this, and in the nvidia ctrl panel I cannot find the part to Enable the SLI Capabilities.. am completely lost now and.. will definately keep researching on how to fix this, but feel am stuck.. Even tried turning the video bridge connector around. No luck there, not sure what to do next.. =(
  11. Well, yeah I guess reading the directions is always a good place to start.
  12. Did you set the SLI Switch Module as asked on page 23 of your manual?
  13. Alright.. so FINALLY for crying out loud I beleive I have found the reason why this is not working for once and for all! A question to ask that I am not 100% sure, but mostly sure, is that, shouldn't you get Video from the second PCI-E Slot with the Video Card in that Slot only, shouldn't you get Video on there. I tried it and the PC started up with the startup sounds and everything.. but there was no Video, not even at the beginning DOS part at the very beginning.. so, please support my thoughts on this, isn't my 2nd PCI-E Slot done for??
  14. In single card mode my 680i board will only use the PCIe_1 slot. And you have yet to mention what PSU you are using, if there is not enough power SLi will not work.
  15. Did you set the SLI Switch Module as asked on page 23 of your manual?
  16. [Summary] Found out that the 2ndary PCI-E slot on my Motherboard is actually bad. Tried to get Video from just one Video Card in the 2ndary slot, PC booted up, but did not get any Video at all right from the get go! Soon, a new Motherboard will be on its way.
  17. Thanks for letting us know.

    Good luck!
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