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New Asus P6X58D Won't Post


I have just bought the new Asus P6X58D board, and 3x1 gig Triple Channel) OCZ Ram (OCZ3G1600LV3GK) together with an Quad i7 920.
Problem is that the board won`t boot, or post at all. All led`s on the board lights normally, but unfortunately also the red light that indicates a Ram failure . When pressing the Memok feature it just reboot the board, and is not acting as it should do. Im very confused, has tried nearly everything, replaced cabels , rotating ram etc. My graphiccard is ATI 4770. Power is OCZ 600W. The ram is on the QVL, so i dont understand why nothing boots up.

I think it might be a bad motherboard, but if you could give me a hint or some advise how to handle this problem, i would be most grateful.


P.S. I have read the "New build won't boot" checklist !!
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    remove all the ram except one stick, remove all the other hardware you can, all you need to POST is CPU, RAM, video, if it boots great, alternate the sticks of ram to see if one is bad
  2. Hi
    I have already tried that, but nothing works. I had a talk with the reseller today, and they will send me a new motherboard.
    Theres no doubt that theres a seroius flaw in the board, nothing is booting at all, i have tried everything now.

    But thanks for your reply number13 :)
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  4. im having the same problem right now did you buy this from newegg? i have to send myne back in as well have you received your new one did it work?
  5. I have exact same issue, have just RMAed board back to Newegg, interested in knowing what issue is causing the problem. I removed every part except the cpu, still no beep or activity. ram led lit, of course. tried another PS, no improvement
  6. I had the same exact issue Rox4 and audi2000.

    I just RMA'd it, and hopefully they will send me a new board that actually works and POSTS. Keep us up to date and let us know how it goes!

    processor: i7 930
    memory: corsair dominator c7 ddr3 1600
    power supply: Zalman ZM600-HP
  7. I had a similar problem. I changed the thermal paste on my new i7 980x cpu but used too much. I turned on the computer and it had a seizure. I cleaned out all the excess thermal paste (I put way too much and got down into the pins). After that it wouldn't boot and no display. All mobo lights on including the Memok light on the ASUS P6T premium mobo. I tried the memok button and taking 2 of the DRAM out but didn't work. Finially, I took the battery out to clear the CMOS. After that it worked, but it went back to my original BIOS setting. Thank god, at first I thought I fried my new $1100 i7 980x chip.


    Intel i7 980x OC 4.14GHz
    Corsair Dominator 6 Gb RAM 7-7-7-20
    Asus P6T Premium Mobo
    Sapphire ATI Radeon 5870 x2 in crossfire
    Intel x25-m 160GB SSD
    Seagate 1.5TB x 3 in RAID-5
    Corsair HX 850w PSU
    Lite-on DVD burner
    Pioneer BD205 Blu-ray burner
    Corsair HD50 water cooler (with 2 radiator fans in push-pull)
    Antec P183 midtower w/2 extra front case 120mm fans
    LG 27 inch (P5327) x 3 for eyefinity
  8. I just had same problem as others, bought from newegg as well. RMAing the board now. Unfortunately I thought it might be the cpu, and couldn't wait so I went and bought a 2nd cpu to test - same result - clearly the board. It also seems that a lot of people have problems with ddr3 - 1600 ram, or maybe it's just popular
  9. I also have excact same problem:
    i7 950
    corsiar c7 6g 1600 ram
    and 950 watt corsair psu

    I've RMA'd both the mobo and CPU, waiting for it to return, but they have tested it and they both work... PLEASE tell me what you found out!
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