No display on BFG GTX 285

Hey guys, I just put my computer together today. It powers up just fine, but there's no display at all on my monitor. The video card is plugged into the main PCI-E slot and I know it turns on because the fan runs. This is my first time building a computer, so I'm really in the dark here... Any help would be great!
And hopefully, it's not faulty hardware that's the problem...

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  1. You have a "New Build Boot Problem". The way to diagnose it begins with a tedious redo . . . you need to go through this list:

    Its important that you look at the work as if you were reviewing someone else's assembly. Otherwise, you are likely to repeat any assembly mistake you may have made. If you need help along the way, ask.

    If you don't solve the problem, please list your complete config including psu make/model when you report back.
  2. Solved the problem. I'm embarrassed just mentioning it, but I didn't plug in the CPU power supply. It's my first time building a computer so I guess it can't be avoided. :p
  3. Hehe - NP. That's what the checklist is for.
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