Problmes with my system

My new system restarts before i even get a chance to install an OS. I removed the ram sticks one by one and it stopped to restart when both were removed. The other problem is that there is no signal going to my monitor. Is my power unit too weak? Do I need to replace both the power unit and the memory? Thanks.

Finally my computer specs.
CPU: E5600
Motherboard: MSI X48C Platinum
RAM: Crucial Dual Channel 4096MB PC8500 DDR3 1066MHz Memory (2 x 2048MB)
Video: Radeon HD 5750
PSU: Diablo Tek 400W
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  1. The power unit definitely wouldn't be too weak except maybe if the graphics card were under load. I would try substituting in a power supply. There shouldn't be anything wrong with the ram. Maybe the motherboard is the problem.
  2. Just substituted the power supply for a OCZ 600W and the problem did not disappear. So I think the next thing I will do is try different ram... anyway i can check weather or not it is the MB? thanks
  3. thanks jsc, problem solved. memory instability. new to this board, didnt know these faqs existed.
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