Low 3dmark vantage scores?

I've always had the feeling that my machine isn't running as fast as it should so tonight I started running some 3dMark Vantage benchmarks. It seems like I am coming in quite a bit lower than I should be when looking at other peoples scores with similar hardware.

This was my result running a 'Performance' benchmark which I scored P10295 whilst other scores I looked at where 16-20k with same video card, cpu, and amount of memory.


Here is my system report if this will help:

Nothing is overclocked. I haven't messed with any settings in the bios or ATI control center. I recently updated the video card drivers.

My system has the following hardware:

Asus P5Q-Pro
Intel Q6600
ATI Radeon 4870 X2
4 GB Mushkin DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
2x 75 gig Raptor drives (raid)
Vista Ultimate 64

Are my scores fine for what I have? Should I look at upgrading something? Overclocking something? Changing a setting somewhere?
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  1. Well the 'not overclocked' is where this is tripping up. Your bottle necking your card really badly. A Q6600 at stock settings isn't going to handle that 4870x2 card. Your ram is also slow at 800hmz. I always felt (but have no real numbers to back it up) that for a you needed at least 1066 for a quad core. But that is just imo.

    If you overclocked those two parts you will see a much higher out put. One thing is leading to another.
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