Still RAM failure?

Hello again :)

I newly bought a copy of Win XP(Professional) and installed on my computer with the hope of solving some Freezeproblems I've earlier had. I've set the RAM Frequency to 1333MHz and the timing is Default, 9 9 9 24, and the voltage, well, at 1.6V it's freezing during the Bootup, at 1.62 I usually wont be able to log into windows, at 1.64V is freezes as I try to install my drivers, at 1.66 It freezes when the CPU got more to do than while idling and 1.68 is not tested yet. I havn't tried to run only one Memorystick so far, and not Memtest86+ neither, but what could the problem be? Is it wrong on my Sticks? Is it something in the BIOS that I've forgot to set? Could it be a any cable or something not plugged in/badly plugged in

Also, in order to burn a CD(-R) with Memtest86, A burning program is needed, is there any Free/shareware to recommend for One-time use in order to burn this utility?

thanks alot guys :)
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  1. What ram do you have? There are many kits that wont run stably at the JEDEC standards. If it is DDR3 try upping the voltage to 1.7 or 1.8. The chips are required not to be damaged at voltages up to 1.9 volts so 1.8 is still in the safe range. What are your full system specs?

    There are several programs available, just search google for an 'iso burner'
  2. Intel LGA 775 Core2Quad Q9400 Non-clocked
    2x2Gb RAM kit Corsair DDR3 Art Nr TW3X4G1333C9DHX
    Tagan 800W PSU(with up to 64A output) (Also grounded with the included cable onto a screw on the Mobo)
    Asus GTX260 (Running 16 I think)
    Asus P5Q3
    Cooler Master 932 High Air Flow(Case)
    WD 500Gb HDD
    Just another Drive, 16x

    I will try to Upgrade the DRAM voltage slowly until it becomes stable. As the RAM sticks are new, they shouldn't be bad, or?
  3. Found your problem
    Timing 9-9-9-24
    Voltage 1.7V

    Your ram isnt expected to be stable at that speed and timings with less than 1.7 volts
  4. If I understand this text right, the Timing Should NOT be 9-9-9-24, and the Speed should NOT be 1333MHz, although the package they came with says 1333MHz.

    Also running 1.7V on DRAM now and so far it has been going great. I will download a Monitoring program to make sure they are not overheated.

    I really owe you one, thank you so much!
  5. Your RAM is rated at DDR3 1333 with 9-9-9-24 timings at 1.7v, like hunter315 said. I'm not sure where you're getting that it shouldn't be 9-9-9-24 or 1333MHz.
  6. I was reading the following on the page Hunter315 linked:

    Cons: The SPD registers are not programmed for 1333Mhz, 9-9-9-24, or 1.5V memory. Check Corsair's specs on it, it clearly states this. The SPD is set up for 1066MHz, 7-7-7 latency, and 1.7V. So if you don't have a mobo that lets you manually set this stuff and your mobo requires 1.5V modules (like a Supermicro C2SBX) you are probably not going to like these modules.

    But I do think that I've missed some paragraph during that read, It's working just fine now, and I owe you both guys one each :) Thanks alot once again!
  7. What that "Cons" posting you read says is that, although the RAM spec's say it will run at 1333MHz using timings of 9-9-9-24, the actual modules Corsair is shipping are set (via SPD) to run at a slower bus speed with faster timings - 1066 MHz with 7-7-7-? That's a common technique - try to balance RAM bus speed against timing parameters to get the fastest overall performance. That also suggests that you could create an unstable situation if you try to combine these two steps. Suppose you let it set itself initially according to the SPD values: 1066 MHZ at 7-7-7-24. Then you manally change the bus speed to 1333 MHZ, but do not slow down the timing parameters. Your RAM may not be stable that way (especially if the voltage is low), and you may have to change the timing parameters to keep that faster bus speed. Which combination produces fastest performace it subject to careful testing.

    But note that the RAM still requires 1.7 v. The post also says that, if you have a mobo that will not allow you to set RAM to 1.7 v, then don't try to use these modules.
  8. I think my Current mobo, P5Q3 should be able to use 1.7V or more. I will read in the Manual some more, whiile I am Currently running Memtest86, and No errors so far.

    Although, I can do much more now, but the comp still rebooted twice. I'll see if it works to disable the Auto-reboot and force the computer to show a message instead( done under This Computer-Properties).

    It isn't freezing at all tho, thank god :) But it's still a bit annoying when the computer reboots during important schoolwork that not has been saved or playing a game with friends.

    thanks alot :)
  9. and also another input, which might be handy for you. the Memtest86 passed without errors, after after one hour, the computer rebooted(as it has done many times now) and I thought the check was finished. I do still keep in mind that some people recommend running it for many hours, and which also was my plan until reboot. Afterwards, the text" Over Clocking Failed, press F1 to blablabla reconfigre.." You know what I mean, I dont remember the text, and this text xomes up after almost each reboot.

    Also, as the computer reboots, it won't complete the boot procedure, so I have to turn it off by pressing the powerbutton and restart it afterwards, then it workds, but Overclocking Fails :(

    Any ideas what the problem could be?
  10. I've tried DRAM Voltage 1.74, but changed almost immediatly to 1.7V again, just to prevent any damage that might occur
  11. If it runs Memtest 86+ successfully for a while and then randomly reboots, there are two possibilities: the real problem is an intermittent one completely unrelated to the RAM, OR your RAM is not stable as it is set up now. If I understand your settings, you have it at 1333 MHz and timings of 9-9-9-24, with 1.70 volts supply. The specs say it is supposed to work that way. If those really are your settings you can try two types of change to the RAM settings: (a) increase the voltage a little - if it is supposed to run at 1.70 v, I would expect it will be OK to try 1.72 and 1.74; or, (b) leave the voltage at 1.70 and slow down the RAM bus speed from 1333 to 1064 or something in between. If either of those solves your problem, you know it was a RAM issue in the first place. But if those steps make little difference, look elsewhere.
  12. With the RAM set correctly, it's probably time to try to eliminate other possibilities. Restart problems like this are commonly caused by either a faulty PSU or overheating. What are your idle and load CPU/GPU temps? Have you tried the system with a different PSU?
  13. I will do a test with 1.72V on my DRAM, if that won't work, I'll decrease the Bus speed. and Yes Paperdoc, the timing on the first lane i 9-9-9-24, but that number is followed up by 4 another numbers and two more lines, thanks for helping :) Much appreciated
  14. yes shortstuff, I've trie twice PSU's, and my current is 800W, producing enough A for the GPU and is certified by Nvidia if I remember right(someone posted a link about that)

    My Core temps while running Prime95 is never exceeding 60degrees, and that should be okay. The GPU temp got a max temp as 85, but has never, as I seen, been over 60( if even that)
  15. I will do another post idiatly if the comp reboots again :)
  16. DDR3 is not supposed to get damaged up to voltages of 1.9 if they are compliant with the JEDEC standards so 1.74 would be fine.
  17. I will try, thanks :)
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