XFX GeForce GTX 260 Core Edition Video Card or not? suggestions plz

i just wanna know what everyone thinks about this graphics card i found on tiger direct. i need a video card that will play most games on high setting (besides crysis) but is pretty cheap, around $100-$150.
This card is $160 but it comes with Batman: Arkham asylum! :)
i am gonna build a i5 gaming pc with a GA-P55M-UD2 MOBO.
i just need some suggestion about this graphics card. or a card that's better in overall performance.
if i could get away with something cheaper but still stands good with performance i will.

XFX GeForce GTX 260 Core Edition Video Card - 896MB DDR3, PCI Express 2.0 x16, 3-Watt SLI, FREE Batman: Arkham Asylum Game Download

Thanks :D
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  1. my monitor resolution is 1680 x 1050. And im pretty sure i wont be able to run SLI or crossfire due to price.
  2. That is a very good card and is perfect for your resolution...though you can get a cheaper ATI HD 4870 1GB, but that doesnt have a free game...So go ahead and make your purchase...
  3. video card selection based off monitor resolution is a BS myth
  4. ^ :P could you care to explain...
    Agreed that its totally not based off resolution - Even a 4670 can play WoW maxed out @ 1920X1200 resolution but that is not the point here...
  5. why dont you just wait a few days to see the reviews on the new ati cards if u get 1 off those you will also be directx 11 ready, taken in mind that you wont upgrade it for 2-3 years
  6. GTX 260 is very good card.
    Will do good at that resolution.

    And The free game is a treat!
  7. i have started buying all my pc parts already so i wouldn't like to wait for the new ATI series to come out.

    unless one of the new ATI card is cheaper then this i would wait but other then that it is completely over my budget. arent they going to be like $400 or somethnig lol.

    now if the price of this card droped by about $100 then id think a about it
  8. The cheapest the new ATI cards will be is $250, more likely $300, so just get the GTX 260. That is a great card and should do fine in Crysis too.
  9. At that price range, the suggestions are either the 4870 or the gtx260.
    If the game is really important to you, the go for the gtx260. If you are really trying to squeeze every last dollar you have, go for the 4870 as it is cheaper.
  10. Take in consideration that is has 192 core processors, NOT 216. Based on some research, I'm guessing core edition is a budget version.
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