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Recommendations for Burning personal DVD to DVDR's for backup

Evening Guys and gals, I have a ton of old DVD's i'm looking to copy and just put in jewel cases. Have had some of my Older DVD's refinished in attempt to get rid of the scratches in them, some work some do not. Looking to make Backup's copies that will play on my home DVD player as well as computer DVD players. Asking for recommendations for a good Program to do this with? Hearing Nero is good, but open for all other suggestions or assurance that Nero is the way to go.

Thanks in advance for your time.
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  1. i like dvd fab
  2. Looking at Both of them ATM, gonna do the free trial of slysoft one I think, or try to Dvdfab link listed above. As far as either of them go, if I do the "clone option" on the Dvd Fab, I am assuming that will let me take disc out of computer and just go put it in my Dvd player in the living room? Should play fine?
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    Yes it will let you take your personal copy (cloned disk) for your own use of your legally bought DVD and play in a modern DVD player,
    Please check with your local laws concerning DVD duplication :)
  4. Thank you kindly guys, do appreciate you help.
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  6. This forum does not allow questions about dvd ripping!
  7. My apologies area51reopened
    Will not happen again
  8. Thanks king smp!

    Have a good one!
  9. Just to clarify before I lock the thread:

    Discussion regarding the backup of any purchased media is allowed, as long as you are not breaking any included copy protection.
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