Best gaming 22-27inch pc monitor money can buy

I ll change my rig in early 2010 and i want help to choose a monitor.Im interested for a gaming monitor 22-27 inch.Current one i use is an 19inch eizo flexscan l778.I want to upgrade to a high def and larger one.Money isnt issue.All suggestions welcome.

Thank you.
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  1. I am also planning to get a new similar monitor... but I lean more toward an HDTV 1080p 120Hz 32 inches with all the input nevessary to plug all my consoles and my PC.
  2. The Dell 2408WFP has a reputation for high input lag (50ms - 60ms). They have released 2 revisions since version A00 which decreased input lag gradually. The current and last version is A02, however there have been no test to check input lag of the current revision (at least not that I have found).

    The Planar PX2611w not only uses a H-IPS panel for better color accuracy (when calibrated) and has been tested to have <8ms of input (or < 0.5 frames) by ToastyX, a respected member of who has a lot of Display [LCD monitors] knowledge.

    Bad for console games because of color banding issues when playing console games (Xbox 360, PS3) at 1080i/p resolution.
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