SSD and TrueCrypt?

Hey all,

Looking at putting together a Core i7 2600K system at the moment, but am still stuck on whether or not I should be going with a SSD for it.

I will be using TrueCrypt system encryption for my system/boot drive and whole disk encryption for my storage drive(s).

Been doing some research on this and still haven't found a definitive answer to these questions:

Is security compromised by using a SSD with TrueCrypt?

Performance - will it be significantly reduced?

Is the drive's life expectancy shortened by encryption on a SSD?

A lot of this has to do with wear-leveling, which I don't quite understand. What I do understand is that a SSD will offer stronger performance however I don't wish to do this if it means going without encryption.

According to the TrueCrypt documentation "you must not use TrueCrypt to encrypt any part of (or create encrypted containers on) a device (or file system) that utilizes a wear-leveling mechanism."

Any advice / discussion is much appreciated.

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  1. Not much to discuss.

    Wear leveling is used in solid state drives to increase the longevity of flash memory. TrueCrypt cannot be used with a ssd.
  2. JohnnyLucky, thanks for your comment but I think you mean TrueCrypt SHOULD not be used with an SSD, because many people out there are doing it, which is what led to my question.

    Has anyone tried encrypting a SSD and able to comment?
  3. OK - Should not.

    Here's a link to a previous thread about ssd's and TrueCrypt:
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