New HSF, want to maximize OC

I just upgraded my Zalman 9900 to a Thermaltake Frio OCK 0575. I love the new cooler, but i feel i have a bottleneck in my OC ability. I have tried every which way to get my self stable at 4.3GHz +, but nothing seems to work. Ive decreased RAM speeds, Changed the ratio of FSB/Multiplier, Increased and decreased voltage, and fooled around with the HT speeds ( usually as close to 2000Mhz as possible). My temps are great, nothing above a 58c for max load, but if you look at my Stable OC clocks, posted on the forum, i feel like i am able to do so much more. Any advice?

Current setup is:

2600 NB
1440 RAM

Im at work, so please no pics, i wont see them until later, and i would be so priveledged to have you help me tweak this. This is primarily for pride's sake, as i am fully away im not gaining any performance boost. I only want a stable OC right now.

Ok, so 'RATED' speeds for ram is 1600, but in reality, its 1333. Right now my house is roughly heat yet, as i like it cold anyways. Do you think i still need to take the side panel off of a HAF X? my airflow is amazing. x23 i will try, and i will increase my voltage again to 1.5v.

configuration of airflow:

side, front bottom, top front.

rear, top rear, pci-e card fan.

I have hit and posted at 4.465GHz, but BSoD is eminent..."dun dun dun".
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  1. i know that will boot to windows, its the Prime95 that is giving me issues.
  2. ok. I also tried this configuration:

    20.5 x 235ish @ 1.51v

    I think this was my 4.465
  3. ok. sounds good. Another note, My last OC, the MoBo auto jumped the FSB to 216 when i went above an 18 multiplier, and any configuration i used under 216, i could not post...
  4. 955BE C3. Sabertooth 990FX.
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