MSI P43T-C51 + Sparkle Sparkle 9600 GT 1G

Ive recently set up a pc but im having problems with the graphics card, keeps on hanging and gives me artifacts when i play games on high settings. Ive updated the drivers tried different OS (XP and Win7) and it still doesnt work. Went to the shop and was told that it may be a compatibility issue with the motherboard and the graphics card. Tech told me my motherboard (MSI P43T-C51) is not compatible with graphic cards with DDR3 memory. Im no tech expert and i cant tell if this is true. Need help!
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    Don't go to that computer shop again. They don't know what they're talking about.

    1. your motherboard has a pci-express x16 2.0 slot which is the type of slot being used on today's high end gaming computers
    2. a motherboard's use of DDR2 ram and a graphic's card use of DDR3 has NOTHING to do with each other

    That guy is REALLY misinformed and should be fired or something. That's ridiculous. If that was the case, how are people using 4870/4890's on p45 chipsets? That's DDR5 and DDR2 mixing together. That guy is SERIOUSLY mistaken, and I'm horrified that he's a "tech"

    If your system is hanging and you're getting artifacts, it may be a graphics card problem. What resolution are you running your games at? What is the rest of your setup? ie. CPU, power supply, HD.. How is the airflow in your case? A lot of problems with graphics cards arise from the card overheating. Did you clean out your case? you have enough fans in your system to deliver fresh air to your graphics card?
  2. first they tried out a different unit of the same card but it was still having issues then they tried out an inno 9500 gt card (which is what im using right now) and everything's working fine, which i guess is how they came to that conclusion. still, what they said gave me start since that meant i cant upgrade my graphic card without replacing the mobo as well. thanks for clarifying things out.

    *the case is clean
    *air is circulating fine

    here's the setup

    inno 9500gt
    2gb ddr2
    500w ps
    750gb maxtor
  3. If you bought the gpu as retail, contact the shop you bought from and ask for a rma. If they say no then ask for rma from sparkle
  4. your 9600gt and the other you tested are overclocked versions... you need to put stock clock on them so you dont get errors. or the problem is your psu that cant handle the higher consumption of the 9600gt over the 9500
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  6. I'm having same kind of problems with MSI P43T-C51 and a Geforce 9500GS. It either freezes the whole computer or freezes the display, depending of driver version. When connecting remotely, the desktop size is 0x0 pixels. Without drivers the card works in VGA compatibility mode OK, but when drivers are loaded the symptoms appear.
    The 9500GS is working OK on another board, so I must beleive it is a BIOS issue with this motherboard.
    As the others say, it has nothing to do with DDR3 memory on graphics card as I have another HD4670 with DDR3 and it works superb! Has to be an issue with nVidia cards and this motherboard.

    Tried a Geforce 6200TC and works nice too, but not with 9500GS.
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