Which monitor if best upgrade in my case?

Hi all,

Currently running extended desktop on:

1) ViewSonic VX2235wm-3 (Primary display)
2) ViewSonic VP912b

The GPU is EVGA GTX295.

Found someone who'll buy my VX2235. Just wondering what is my best option, for a bigger size (24" or 26"). Mainly do gaming, with my #1 being Flight Sim X, followed by FarCry and other games. Secondary applications: web browsing, document editing, picture editing.

Really don't want to part with my VP912b, which has been faithful to me all along... never had any issues, text is super crisp... still wanna keep it as secondary display.

Money is not an issue. Willing to pay up to $500. I was thinking of T260HD; however, will probably never use it as a TV. So maybe not the right choice?

Please keep those suggestions coming and why you suggest them.


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