How can I re-install win 7 without deleting one partition?

hello sir i give my pc a password and i forget my password then i want to change my window but my pc cannot accept window dvd
then i want to format my computer but i have no format cd plz give me answer how i format my computer
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  1. Are you trying to load that CD from within windows? If so, that won't work. You need to change the boot order in the bios and make the cd/dvd drive first. Now, do a custom install and pay attention to the screen. You will be given the oppurtunity to create/delete partitions and the option to format a partition. Format your old windows partition, then install windows to that partition.
  2. but sir how i boot my dvd my pc doesnot open tell me sir
  3. how i format my computer when i forget my pc password and pc not work
    sir,how i format my computer
  4. The windows CD/DVD is bootable. You need to go into your bios and change the boot order so that the CD/DVD player is first on the list. Then put your CD/DVD in the drive and start up yor computer. It will boot off the CD/DVD.
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