Fans turn on but no display and no keyboard lights

My computer does not display anything on the screen and doesn't stay on longer then about 3 seconds. The last time my computer worked was before a thunderstorm caused my computer to turn off. I tried turning it back on then the keyboard lights turned on but then it turned back off. Then i tried again then it sparked and i dunno what happened. Now it doesn't turn on keyboard lights and still no display. Everytime i press the power switch the computer fans turn on for a couple of seconds then they turn off.

intel e7400
Asrock g31m-s
2x Corsair Memory XMS2 2GB DDR2 800MHz DDR2-800/PC2-6400
stock cpu fan
xfx ati hd 4890
650w antec psu
wd 650 gb
antec 300

1. Removing all things connected to motherboard and using vga on the motherboard instead of graphics card.
2. Used 3 different power supplies with the same results
3. tried ram stick individually on each slot.
4. Reseated cpu.
5. Bought new motherboard of the same type.
6. Reset cmos
7. Took out bios battery and placed it back in.
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  1. What sparked? The motherboard? Take a look at the old one that was in during the thunderstorm, look for any misshapen capacitors, if they are around the CPU socket they may have sent a spike through and fried the CPU.
  2. I don't know what sparked but I do not see any mishapen or leaking capacitors on my old motherboard
  3. Well you have replaced the mobo and the psu,so it seems likely that the problem is the cpu,sometimes when semi conductor parts get fried you can smell the burn.kinda smells like a clutch bruning..:)
  4. I need help i just bought the new mobo, a gigabyte ep45-ud3p with a new cpu, q9550 because my mobo had bent pins on the cpu slot. The computer turns on fine the splash screen and everything but later on before it goes so i can login windows it turns off. I try turning it on again and it turns on for less time. Whats the problem?

    Edit: Also there is a quick blue screen before it turns off but it turns off to quick to read anything
  5. You're going to need to either do a fresh install of your OS or repair the existing install. You can't replace the motherboard and CPU without messing up your OS install unless the motherboard has the same chipset.
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