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Hello i have a little problem here, when i install windows xp, i just cant find network drivers, i tried from internet nvidia nforce networking controller, nvidia chipset but nothing, when i enter i control panel, networking >empty, nothing so can some 1 help me to get this damn driver? via teamviewer or dunno, when i had cd with drivers i used realtek lan driver, but when i use now, still nothing there :(
My motherboard is Asus m2x-X- plus, and my and i guess my network is integrated in motherboard (where i insert network cable) inside is a small 1-2 inch cube connected to motherboard..
My network board>
(my pc)
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  1. Have you installed the Chipset drivers from ? There are no network drivers for download for that motherboard, the chipset drivers probably include it.
  2. dear i request you sir xp hcl driver
  3. raju_52 said:
    dear i request you sir xp hcl driver

    First, you need to start your own post, not tack on to an existing one.

    Second, you need to list full details about your issue and your PC brand/model.
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