Can it be?

hi to all,

just want to know if my motherboard can i use a ddr2 memory 800,even if the board i used can only support up to ddr2 667 only?here is my mobo specs
ecs 945gct-m2/1333
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  1. Yea, i believe the board will just automatically clock it down to 667
  2. so is there nothing bad gonna happen both to my board and memory?
  3. No. No matter how fast your memory is, it will run only as fast as your motherboard will clock it.
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    Nothing will happen.. basically as long as the ram runs at the same voltage as your mobo supports, it will be fine.. and as i said and jsc said, itll just clock it down to the maximum your board will support
  5. and another question,if my mobo only supports up 2g of ram is it possible to add additional memory up to 4g?
  6. No...
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