In need of advice.

I'm looking for a new graphics card to replace my old Radeon x1950 Pro.

What I've been thinking of are the GTX 275, HD 4890 and HD 4850x2 - my question is - would I have no problem running ANY of those cards on my BFG NVIDIA nForce 650i Ultra motherboard, Q6600, 6 gigs of Corsair XMS2 memory and Antec 650W PSU.

I'm specifically concerned whether my motherboard can take those cards with no problem. If it can, which one would You get?
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  1. depending on your wallet ...
    how old is the motherboard if its more than 2 years i would use it as a backup board and buy a new 1 and start fresh
    better to sick with a asus or gigabyte board
    if not it shouldnt be a problem going by memory but just do i quick google search to double check
  2. I can get any of those three cards, just don't know which one. The new motherboard would be an issue, that is why I am asking if this one can do fine. - Here's some info about it. I bought it in December 2007.

    I'm leaning towards the MSI Cyclone HD 4890 or any of the GTX 275. Any advice?
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