Bad hard drive? bad operating system? not sure where to go from here.

system specs
windows xp 32bit sp2
amd phenom 9600 x4 23.ghz
asus m4n72-e mobo
evga gts 250 512 mb
nforce 750a sli chipset
seagate 250mb sata hd
liteon dvd-r (ide)
hex-c 600w psu
4 case fans

this setup worked fine, all programs, addons and updates worked great.
i had a lg sata dvd-r burner and a western digital black caviar 500mb sata hd on the way from newegg.
i decided to install a 64 bit os with the new hard drive so i got a copy of winxp 64 bit. os installed fine, no problems installing the sata dvd-r burner either. one strange thing...alot of the drivers i had to install with my 32 bit system were already installed in the 64 bit system, such as my usb drivers. and it didnt start recognizing hardware until i installed the chipset driver. but, installed call of duty5 and played for about 4 hours online at 1920x1080 on max settings just to make sure i didnt have any issues w/ my drivers, and it worked fine. then installed world of warcraft, but when i tried to update, i would constantly get disconnected and and when trying to reconnect would get "network did not assign your network an address" which could not be rectified in any way but rebooting. i tried to uninstall and reinstall my network adapter, but when trying to uninstall program became non responsive. i would also get c++ runtime errors stating that windows library had to close a program, which i assume was the blizzard downloader. once the update was finished this problem went away. but now wow crashes randomly. sometimes after 5 mins, sometimes after 5 hours. my framerate is also terrible for the system im running. its not the program that crashes and goes non responsive/critical error, the whole system freezes and i have to reboot. i was also unable to install the latest version of itunes, i would get "error 2096". i had to install an old version. also, i cannot install the latest patch for call of duty. i get "1628: installation failed" ive tried ALOT of different things to rectify all of these problems, nothing has worked.
ive also noticed that my motherboards setup time to get into bios is steadily increasing in time, from a lightning fast 2 seconds when i got it to like 20-30. thats just to get INTO bios. to skip bios and run through memory test and actually boot the os, its gone from 15 seconds to over a minute. i checked in bios and i have the timer set to boot into os at 5 seconds. i put in my other hard drive because i didnt know if it was an issue related to my mobo or my hd, but no difference. same slow loading times.

i also downloaded ventrilo (communication program) and whenever i reboot my computer, its installed, but autoruns setup and asks me to create a new account. all my account info and server settings are erased. my audio deck settings also go back to default. alot of my settings on world of warcraft are reset to default as well. someone told me that it was a registry problem, so i got a free registry program called ccleaner and used it. did not seem to have any effect on the problem. i also used driver cleaner and still no effect. i used driver detective to check my drivers and they are all up to date. it stated all drivers were up to date and installed, but i went to hardware manager and there is one unknown device. i have tried to install using auto detection wizard but cant recognize it and i have no idea what it is. my mobo didnt come with a disc, i had to dl the drivers from the website, and theres like 100 things it could be =[

i guess my questions are these:

can my mobo get a virus and mess w/ my chipset to make my load times so damnedably slow?do i need to flash the bios? and if so, how exactly do i do that? i dont care about updating, and i believe my mobo has a backup bios flash feature, but i have no idea what im doing as far as flashing bios and dont want to make the problem worse. ive always had antivirus on my comp at the first opportunity, never got any notices of any viruses.

since the issue with itunes, world of warcraft, and call of duty only being a problem since i got a new hard-drive, could the new hard-drive be defective? (i ran western digitals diagnostic tool that checks all the sectors and it passed).

could it be the 64bit os? its a disc from my friend, gave it to me because he wasnt using it, but it was a burn disc. i still had to use a key code, so it wasnt cracked, but it wasnt an original disc. dont know if it was a copy of his disc or if he dl'ed it. i ran a virus scan on it and got nothin, seemed to install fine and run updates with no problems.

i guess the next thing to try is to install winxp 32bit, but i really would like to use a 64bit system and was wondering if there is any way to tell definitely wether it is the operating system or the hard drive that im having issues with. i dont know if the issues with my motherboard loading times has anything to do with this or not. i was thinking about reformatting my other hard drive and trying to install the 64bit os on it, but then was wondering if the os was what was messing things up if it wouldn't just screw up my other hard drive as well.

thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. A trojan can slow your computer to a crawl.
    Rarely would it modify the bios.
    Run antispyware, trojan removers and antivirus.
  2. evongugg said:
    A trojan can slow your computer to a crawl.
    Rarely would it modify the bios.
    Run antispyware, trojan removers and antivirus.

    i swapped out the hard drive with another hard drive i have that im positive is clean and my mobo startup times are still really bad. thats why i was asking if my motherboard could get a virus that affects my bios loading times.
  3. A virus could change the bios.
    It is very rare though.
  4. Check the bios options, memory voltage.
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