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Just installed brand new intel ssd, messedup and had it set for IDE interface but switched it in regedit for AHCI. But my question is do i have to do anyting to install trim or should it be present on the ssd?
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    If you have Windows 7, TRIM will automatically activate. It runs while your computer is idling.

    No need to set TRIM (if you have windows 7).
  2. Yep its windows 7 64, its an intel 320 series 120gb. But i think that answers my question chainzsaw ty.
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  4. Sorry one more thing i wanted to add:

    If you really want to check to see if your TRIM is enabled:

    Verify that TRIM is Enabled

    Verifying TRIM will confirm that the TRIM commands are being sent from Windows to the SSD. How to Verify TRIM is enabled:

    •In the Start menu search box, type "cmd" without the quotes
    •Right-click the cmd program and select Run as Administrator
    •In the command line, type "fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify", again without the quotes
    •if DisableDeleteNotify = 0, then TRIM is enabled
    •If DisableDeleteNotify = 1, then TRIM is disabled.

    Check this Excellent TOMS article on SSDs, you may want to run through it to check out your settings for your drive. You mentioned you have an INTEL SSD - definately check it out to get maximum optimization out of your SSD.,2911-2.html

    Also I would like to add - TRIM is sent by the OS to tell whether or not a file is eraseable, if it is, it enables GC which activates on IDLE. So I may have incorrectly stated TRIM works on IDLE, its just that TRIM activates GC in IDLE.
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