2.5 in HDD causing boot loops and stuck splash screens

Hey, so I had a left over 2.5 in HDD which seemed to have corrupted on me in my last laptop. Since then I just built a new PC but I'm trying to use thus HDD as a 2nd HDD. Problem is when I plug the 2.5 in HDD in, the stuck splash screen gets stuck again event hough I'm booting from the primary HDD. Is it probably a hardware problem or can I fix it with simple format. I can't seem to format the drive because I can load up anything with it plugged in. I can't even boot from CD with the drive plugged in. Any clues?
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  1. Do you have the option to run your system in AHCI to enable hot swap, which will allow you to plug the drive in after booted up. Or you could buy a cheap USB External enclosure to use & format the drive that way.
  2. Try changing your boot sequence in your bios.
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