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I'm putting a price on a Gamers system together for a friend in England & i live in Australia so it's a bit of fun.The best prices i found was at
She will want to buy it all at 1 store.This is what i put together for her i went over budget alreay a bit at $803 pounds but i want it to be a good system that will last for a good while.Here it is.
Dvd Rom Drive
power Supply
Graphics card 2 choices
Operating System

I want to be shure the power supply is ok .
Any help would be great Michael :)
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    Crap, its a really good build and i dont want to cut down on anything. Whats the budget supposed to be? What resolution monitor does she play on? The only thing i might cut back on is the mouse and keyboard or have her go pick those up in a local store they will likely be cheaper.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply it was $750 pounds but i wanted to be shure it was a good build didnt want to skimp so it was hard what to get she wants to play entropia it use the cry2 engine so it need to be pretty fast.
  3. If you need to get the cost down you could drop down to a 550 or 545, but that still wont bring you under budget but it will bring you closer. The performance difference isnt a ton, the 545 would be just under the 550 on this chart and as you can see even the low end athlon II is capable of getting in the 60's for an average,1401.html
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