2tb harddisk not recognized by bios

Hello, I have got a MSI x58 platinum motherboard, with a Hitachi 2TB harddisk, BIOS version 3.6. My problem is that the harddisk is not detected by the BIOS. There is no newer BIOS version, so I don't know what to do. Anyone has got a solution for this problem? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Are you absolutely sure that the hard disk is good?
  2. GhislainG said:
    Are you absolutely sure that the hard disk is good?

    Hi there, I don´t know any other way how to check it, if it is good.
    I can feel that something inside is spinning and I don´t hear any strange noises.
    I also tried to connect it to different SATA connectors on the motherboard and with different SATA cables.
    When I connect a 500GB disk to the same connector and with the same cable, the 500 GB disk is recognized imediately.
  3. Your motherboard should definitely support the new hard disk. Can you download diagnostics from Hitachi to test it? As far as I'm concerned, it's defective.
  4. Have you contacted MSI??

    I know for my EVGA X58 motherboard, I would need to update my BIOS to support a 2TB hard drive. Maybe, MSI hasn't updated their BIOS to begin supporting a 2TB drive.
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