First cpu overclock. Would greatly appreciate opinions on voltages etc

Firstly I will start by giving my specs:

i5 2500k @ 4.3ghz (after OC)
8gb gksill ripjaw ram @ 1600
2x 6970 2g
Gigabyte p67A mainboard

Well i followed a reasonably helpful guide on overclockers to overclock my i5 through the bios ofcourse. I did not manually tweak any voltages at first as it automatically set my voltages after I changed the multiplier and did a restart. I did try to lower my vcore voltage slightly but my system would not boot properly so I had to put it back.

Here are my current voltages according to bios:

Vcore 1.335v
QPI/vitt voltage 0.920 (Auto)
System Agent Voltage 0.920 (auto)
PCH core 1.050 (auto)
CPU PLL 1.800v (auto)
DRAM Voltage 1.500v (auto) with memory running at 1600mhz also on auto.

I wanted to check with you guys if these voltages are ok before I start playing bf3 again because I do not want to kill my CPU right off the bat or seriously degrade its lifespan with these voltages if any are unusual.

Also core temp says my VID is 1.3611v is that the same as vcore? if so why is it different from what the bios says? cpuz also says my core voltage is 1.068v which are both confusing me abit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys as I am pretty new to this stuff and the guide i followed didn't have much info on voltages.
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  1. Oh and forgot to mention I have run prime95 for long periods of times with no errors and temps are pretty cool but just wanted to check voltages for cpu lifespan. A pic of cpu z and coretemp if you need it.
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