OverClocking ASUS DirectCUII GTX 570

Hi, I'm soon getting my first gaming PC with the Asus 570. I will be using the PC to run games like BF3 and Skyrim, the last one probably heavily modded; and would really like to max them out. I have never OC'd a gpu nor a cpu before so if anyone could tell me what settings to use in order to reach a decently high speed but keeping it safe and stable I would really apreciate it. Thanks :) .

By the way I will be using a 1920x1080p monitor with 120Hz of refresh rate, an Intel i5 2500k processor probably around 4-4.5GHz and the Asus Sabertooth motherboard.
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  1. Someone! D=
  2. There are no settings that anyone can give you to use. Overclocking is done individually and the results are always different from computer to computer. I suggest that you do a google search and read up as much as you can about it before you try it so you can understand what is involved in overclocking. You do need to be very careful in doing this because you can ruin your components.
  3. careful, 570s have a tendency to die when pushed
  4. What I would suggest for you to do is if you are going with the Asus 570 then you want to download some software that will help you overclock your video card . MSI's afterburner is a popular overclocking software and will help you overclock your video card. You may only improve your fps by a small amount so it may or may not be worth the effort. A good thing to consider is to buy a factory overclocked card , a lot of manufacturers do make select cards that come with a 10% overclock.
  5. Getting a factory OC'd card would be nice but my circumstances don't allow me to do so. I've heard good things about MSI's afterburner, but do you have any tips on how to use it? And also, do you know of any software that will help me check for stability? Thanks.
  6. Hi iiH3R3T1C,

    MSI Afterburner is my OC tool of choice. It should allow you to change your clock speed and your voltage. It also lets you set up custom fan profile to manage your temps.

    I recommend furmark (google it for download). Furmark is designed to stress and heat your GPU, if you can manage your temps in furmark, you will be fine in normal (gaming) conditions.

    For example: my 6950 gets to around 90C in furmark, but only mid-high 70s while gaming.

    What sorts of tips are you looking for with Afterburner?
  7. blade061188 said:
    What sorts of tips are you looking for with Afterburner?

    Like how much voltage and clock speed is it safe to bump up at a time before testing for stability. Or do I have find a stable clock speed before messing with the voltage. When do I know the gpu is stable. What's a good temperature... that sort of stuff
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    Well, each GPU performs differently. The best advice I can give you is temperature related and how to find your best clock speed/voltage.

    You should increase your core clock at the stock voltage until it is unstable. (use furmark for stability testing)

    Increase your voltage by small increments until your card is stable (or too hot)

    Once it is stable, try increasing the clock speed again until it is unstable.

    I try to stay at or below 90C in Furmark so that when I am gaming I have good operating temps (70-80) without super high fan speed.

    If you can't stabilize your core clock speed without going above your thermal limit, back off the core clock until it is stable as opposed to increasing the voltage until it is stable.

    Let me know if you have more questions.
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