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Hi, I'm soon getting my first gaming PC with an Intel i5 2500k processor with a CoolerMaster Hyper 212 heatsing and an Asus Sabertooth motherboard. I'm fairly new to all this PC stuff and this would be the first time I OC anything, so I could really use some help. Could anyone guide me step by step on how to overclock the processor to around 4 or 4.5GHz while mantaining stability? Thanks in advance.
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  1. ...Just read this guide its pretty easy to understand.
  2. you won't even need a guide.

    go into bios, set cpu pll overvoltage to "enabled"

    Make your ram 1333mhz for now (usually @ 1.5v or 1.65v, whatever your stick supports)

    put the multiplier to 45, cpu voltage to 1.300v to 1.350v (id start with the higher one) (!You might be unlucky and need up to 1.4v)

    make sure your LLC or Calibration is set to Ultra High, 75%, or Level 1 (asrock boards)

    Vcore should be on fixed/manual, once you test prime and everything is stable, you should look toward getting the setup to become offset instead.

    My thoughts: I don't suggest going over 4.5-4.8Ghz. Anything more doesn't help FPS, only kills your cpu and produce more heat.
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    Here's a really easy guide I used to start:
    but really there's only a few options you have to change.
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