Help needed. CD Autorun.inf and Autoplay Issue.

Working on a customers machine here. And am at my wits end with this one.

Insert a program cd, and it automatically opens an explorer window to browse the files/folders. Instead of parsing the autorun.inf and starting the setup.exe that is on the cd. It does this with any cd's that have autorun.inf on them.

Now, I have tried Microsoft's autoplay fix thing. Didn't work. I have also been through the registry and checked all of the mentioned keys. Such as NoDriveTypeAutorun ... Autorun DWORD in Services under CDROM ... there are several others. Have also compared these keys to another machine that has a clean install of XP.

Also tried removing the upper and lower filters on the cdrom and also removing the cdrom from the device manager and rebooting, letting it pick it back up. Still have the problem.

I have run out of ideas, and every where I seem to look online has the same fixes mentioned, which are not working.

You can plug in a USB drive and Windows will ask you what you want to do with it. I can insert a DVD or Audio CD and Windows will automatically open Media Player and start playing.

But for some reason, when inserting a program cd that has an autorun.inf, it opens an explorer window to browse the files instead of just parsing the autorun.inf and loading the EXE.

Plus, with the program cd in the drive, if I right click on the cdrom, there is no Autoplay option, only Open, Explore and Search.

Does anyone have any ideas on this???
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  1. Tons of things to try here

    One that may work for you, try to create a new user on that PC, try that account.
  2. Thanks for the link. Unfortunately I went through the same thread. And also tried a new profile.

    Started thinking maybe a SP issue. Went to uninstall SP3 and the remove button was missing. So I had to manually remove SP3. Since I had to do that, I figured what the hell ... and am in the middle of a repair install of XP. Then I'll stick SP3 back on it. And then see where I am at after that.
  3. After SP3 removal, repair install of windows and reinstall SP3 ... all seems well now. No idea what it fixed, but it fixed it.
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