Prime95 tests always fail in seconds

Lately when playing Bf3, I've been getting BSODs, mainly STOP 0x124, but I sometimes saw 0x101. I tested my gfx card to find no errors, but running prime95 instantly causes a BSOD under small FFTs. I've been trying to fix that, but I am clueless when it comes to screwing with voltages and such for stability. I bought my rig under the assumption that the motherboard would be doing all the OCing for me. However, even when turning off turbo and setting everything to default, I still crash instantly in Prime95.

Intel Core i7 2600k
EVGA Geforce GTX 560 Ti (furmark says OK)
8 GB (4x2 GB) 1333 DDR3 sticks (memtest says OK)
mediocre liquid cooling but meh, better than stock, keeps temps in the 30-50C range

I've perused my BIOS and I can honestly say that the ASUS EFI BIOS utility is more confusing to me than other BIOSes
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  1. First suspect is you have a memory issue of some kind, despite memtest saying its OK.

    - What is make/model of your psu?
    - Do the four memory sticks match in all respects? What are the specs?

    1) Uninstall the Asus utilities that OC from WIndows (AI, or whatever). Clear CMOS, load (optimized) defaults.

    2) Run Windows Memory Diagnostic (Just type that into the Start Buton's Search Box.). If that finds no error . . .

    3) Remove 2 sticks of memory leaving two sticks in the correct slots according to the mobo's manual. Run Prime95 again.
  2. I have uninstalled AI Suite, but during the time I was doing it, I got another 0x124 BSOD. I set the core voltage to 1.15V, allowing me to uninstall, and I am currently running Prime95 on blend and haven't seen another error. No idea if it was the voltage or AI Suite, but I'll run this for a couple hours and I guess I'll be reading many guides to do my OC manually from now on T_T.

    If you were wondering, my PSU is a Thermaltake TR-800P TR2 800 W, and I derped when recalling what RAM I had. I had 2 sticks of 4 GB, not 4 of 2 GB, but they are the same model.
  3. Good - but you shouldn't have to set *anything* in core voltage to get it to run stable.

    You need to clear CMOS, load defaults, and see if it runs stable. It should. If it doesn't, there may be a memory compatability issue that you might walk around with memory parameter adjustments.

    But the system should run stable on "auto". Its important to PROVE that before making any manual setting changes.
  4. ^^^^ Good advice !
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