Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo and Corsair Vengeance on P8Z68 Board?

Hey guys, I bought all my parts for my first build besides the cpu cooler... I don't plan on overclocking (maybe a little later) and I want my case cooler and quieter, so I feel like the Hyper 212 Evo does that very well:

My question is, will it fit? I got Corsair memory which is VERY tall with their heatsinks:

I'm using a ASUS P8Z68-V board. A lot of people said (with the Hyper 212 Plus) that it doesn't fit in their first memory bank, but is it different with the Evo, even if I raise the fan higher? Also is there any performance difference if I use the 2nd and 4th memory channels instead of the 1st and 3rd (if I can't fit the Corsair in the first slot)?

Thanks guys :)
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  1. Anyone help please?
  2. If the fan doesn't clear the ram, put it on the other side in a "pull" setup.
  3. I have the P8Z68-V Pro, the tall Corsair Vengeance and Hyper 212+, and even with the fan in 'push mode', all 4 slots are available, although slot 1 is basically up next to the fan-- not causing any issue though. I run my 212+ in push-pull config, btw.
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