Suggestions On Best 1000W+ PSU with modular Cabling

Hey guys, my birthday is coming up and its about time i upgrade my power supply so i can eventually support SLI/Crossfire. As of right now my peak loud is approximately 80 watts under my power supply limit, which for me is a little to close for comfort. I currently have the Corsair HX620 and love it for the modular cabling and its looks, but its about time i upgrade so i can support another graphics card =) All suggestions are appreciated! Thank you!
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  1. Full system specs? Also how are you measuring your peak load? A 1kW unit is generally only used for quad card setups, for 2 cards a good 750 is generally plenty.
  2. Alright, not to be rude but im not asking for suggestions on whether or not i should get the 1kW+ PSU. I measured the peak load by using a test power cord i made a while go that has the cable stripped. I than stress tested my cpu/gpu and measured the current flow into the computer and multiplied by the multimeter voltage reading from the wall. I always seem to get responses on these websites that dont answer my general question, but as you asked for system specs ill comply.

    Lapped Q6600 @ 4.0Ghz cooled by HEATKILLERŽ Rev3.0 LT
    GTX280 725/1475/2400 cooled by MCW60-R2+heatsink
    Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P rev 1.6
    2x2GB G.skill DDR3 1333mhz
    Modded Antec 900
    Corsair HX620
    Sunbeam Rheobus Controlling all 10 120mm fans
    XSPC RX360 - Triple 120mm
    Swiftech MCP 355 pump /w XSPC top

    The power supply isnt for my current setup, since its running just fine, but it is for future setups so I dont have to upgrade it for a long time.
  3. semlethe3rd, also not sounding to be rude but if some advice was offered that might save you some cash or correct incorrect or misguided thinking on your part, accept it and be appreciative.

    As you never explicitly stated your SLI/Crossfire rig will go as far as 4 cards, hunter was just pointing out you might be going overkill. Maybe if you were a little more specific in what you're asking you'd get better responses.

    But in any case, +1 to JohnnyLucky for the 3 PSUs, personally my pick is the Corsair.
  4. I can recomend Enermax 1050 I run server on it with few gfx cards....
  5. Corsair HX1000.

    And listen to what LePhurom said.
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