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SSD Questions.

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June 16, 2011 1:18:42 AM

Alright, so I built my computer about 2 weeks ago.
I have been playing around with the OS, SSD tweaking and what not, and during the time I came across some questions I wanted to ask. Rather then ask the questions on multiple posts, I decided to just make one post with all the questions.
So here we go.

Also, here are the specs of my machine
SSD: Crucial C300 64GB SSD
HDD1: WD Caviar Black 1TB
HDD2: WD Caviar Green 2TB
Motherboard: ASUS P8Z68 Pro
Windows 7 64-Bit
If you guys need any other specs, please ask

1. I know that the SSD should be in AHCI mode and that TRIM. I also know that AHCI mode is usually set in BIOS and whatnot and you can check TRIM in cmd. I checked and it is the mode the drives are on in the BIOS and I also confirmed the SSD is running TRIM. But from reading post and stuff, I should be updating drivers to Intels latest ones of something like that.
(Heres a picture of my device manager and the drivers)

Anyway, should I be updating the drivers to something else and is my drivers fine? Just want a experts assessment to make sure everything is up to date and running as best as possible.

2. I also have been playing around with some tweaks. I am thinking of mainly doing just space saving tweaks like page file and etc. Not so much the other performance tweaks.
So I have a few questions regarding the tweaks.

About Page File, I've seen and heard lots of mixed opinions, including Toms Hardwares own article they put up a couple days ago.
I am thinking of just simply lowering the page file to 1GB. (I have 8GB of RAM btw). How is this vs moving the page file to a different HDD. From what I've heard, having a Page file on a slower HDD means your performance will slightly decrease.
And I am going to try and stay away from COMPLETELY disabling it.

Also, System Restore, atm it is disabled, but would I be able to move the location off the SSD and onto a HDD?

Next, Indexing, same as system restore, would I be able to move the location onto a HDD?

Then, there is Prefetch and Superfetch. Apparently Windows is supposed to automatically disable them, for some reason on my ssystem they are enabled. Before I do anything with them, I wanted to ask why its different for my system and my SSD model.

I also have a few other questions, but I will wait for answers on these ones and then ask after these ones are resolved. That way you guys aren't flooded with questions and I'll probably get a bit more detailed answers.

Thanks again.

Just wanted to note, many of the sites and posts I've read or looked up are a couple months, sometimes years old. I just wanted to get an answer that would apply to the current time.

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a c 143 G Storage
June 16, 2011 3:21:30 AM

1) Yes... You want to be running the latest Intel RST drivers, which is 10.1:®+Rapid+Storage+Technology&lang=eng

To review what driver you have, you have to go up to the "disk drives" tab and right click for properties of the drive. It will show what driver version is install.

2) PageFile: It is acceptable to decrease the size versus disabling all together. This is the better option than running on a mechanical drive... IMO. Also, you can research a RAMDisk as another good alternative.

System Restore: I can't be moved to another drive that I'm aware of. It is drive specific. I still stand by my recommendation to disable with proper backs in place or you could just decrease to the bear minimum size to help with space.

Indexing: Yes, you can move to another drive, as discussed here: As you noticed though, it says a faster drive verus slower drive :)  . IMO, it is not a needed feature on a SSD and it isn't worth moving to a slower drive that could slow the process down more. IMO, disabling is still the better option.

Prefetch and Superfetch: I'm not really sure what might be different on your system or what could of happen. I say just disable now and be done with it :) 
June 16, 2011 12:14:20 PM

So I just installed the latest Intel Driver. When checking what you told me to check, the driver was 6.1. After updating it, I checked it again and it is still 6.1
Not sure what changed and if anything DID update.

Also, yeah, the mobo I have has 2 Intel SATA 3 Ports and then 2 Marvel SATA 3 Ports.
The SSD is connected to the Intel SATA 3 Port.

As for the tweaks. I decided I am going to leave about 500-1GB of Pagefile on the SSD. and then allow the system to decide how much pagefile for a secondary drive.

For system restore, is it possible to still make a image backup manually putting it on a storing it on a different drive rather?

Regarding Indexing, would it not be faster to have a Index on a slower HDD rather then turn it off and rely on the SSD to search faster.

And for superfetch, I just want to clarify something. It doesn't affect performance or wear of the SSD does it? Like from what I understand, it just decided not to preload stuff onto the RAM. If thats the case, it simply just saves a little bit of RAM space when you disable it right? And as Gene O said, RAM is still faster then SSD.
If this is TRUE, then I would like to stick with it on and IF for some reason my RAM is running low or something, I can try disabling it.
Could you confirm?

Thanks for the answers so far.

Also, say I want to reinstall windows and start fresh at this point (SSD only 2 weeks into use), would I have to go about doing a Secure Erase? Or would I be able to just reinstall it and have it formatted?

Also, What I was planning to do was have OS and some apps I use on the SSD.
Games and other Apps and like documents, picutres, etc on the 1st HDD. And then of course the last HDD is strictly for videos and my video projects and stuff.
But over the last 2 weeks, I noticed alot of stuff have just become a mess, like when I install something on the HDD, it still puts files into the SSD.
Would I be able to install all apps on the SSD and just try and limit the number of apps for the moment. The SSD right now has about 18 GB of used space and 41 GB of free.
It has the OS, SVP, Photoshop, Skype, Chrome, and a few other small ones. I tried putting other programs on the HDD. And looking at the files, it just looks like a big mess. I know that I want to keep about 20% of the SSD free. I also know that the OS slowly grows as time passes. My thought is just to stick the apps on the SSD and try and install the only the ones I NEED, put the HDD as the games, docs, etc.
And then maybe later on, once SSD's get cheaper, upgrade the SSD to maybe a 120GB or by then, possibly a 240.
Just what I think is best, would love a experts opinion.
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a c 143 G Storage
June 16, 2011 12:48:16 PM

This is where you want to check on the driver information (sorry at work so on an older none SSD system :(  ).

June 16, 2011 7:33:20 PM

@Gene O, So what exactly is the negative impact of superfetch? and also what does prefetch do?

@tecmo, thats the one I checked, it said it was 6.1 and after running the update, it is still 6.1
June 26, 2011 12:05:30 AM

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