Dell Poweredge T105 XP Drivers?

I have a Dell poweredge T105 that I successfully installed Windows XP on. The only trouble I'm having is finding drivers that will be compatible with XP. Dell website has no XP drivers listed for this PC

i have already tried installing the server 03 drivers, but as you would assume, they did not work.

Is there anyway to get any kind of drivers to work on this machine? Perhaps generic drivers would work?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    see if these NVidia drivers will work

    the video card seems to be a ATI ES1000
  2. Only drivers I'm missing now is Ethernet and the onboard Video driver. Tried the Nvidia drivers you posted emerald, but same results. Will be trying a xp driver pack when a friend brings it over (5,000ish xp drivers). Will update then.

    If you have anymore tips in the meantime I am definitely open for suggestions

    UPDATE: I found the ethernet driver, still working on onboard video driver.

    Incase anyone else runs into this problem, here is the ethernet driver:
  3. Tried auto detect, didn't work. Also had a pack of 50000 xp drivers... still didn't work. running out of ideas here
  4. Update: Found Tyan drivers for it. It was an ATI ES1000

    Here is link for drivers if anyone needs

    thanks for your help Emerald
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  6. To find an ethernet driver, go to Boardcom Website then look for legacy drivers
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