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So, the Antec 902 has a 200mm fan at the top, with blue LEDs. I don't want to hassle with swapping the LEDs out, but is there any place, thats trustable, that sells 200mm white led fans? I checked Newegg and Performance-Pcs, and nada. So if there is none, how do you swap out LED's?
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  1. Take out the fan, take note of the polarity of the LEDs, snip the wires as close the the LEDs as you can. push them out, replace CHECKING POLARITY(!) and solder the wires back on.

    check you get the right size LEDs...
  2. O>O Soldering is hard :P
  3. Haha! Not really. I'm kinda hooked on it. I play regular gigs using circuit bent instruments and toys and am currently working on a sound reactive, circuit bent NES...
  4. OK so i just learned how to solder, now how do you check the LED polarity? And what is LED Polarity. Also, could you maybe, in detail, explain the process of installing it, rather than basic do this do that.
  5. Bare LEDs have a flat spot on the base as shown in the diagram below from Wikipedia. What you want to do is to use that as a guide to which LED wire to hook up to which wire on the fan assembly. Whichever wire was hooked up to the flat side of the old LED needs to be hooked up to the flat side of the new LED.
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