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I am considering a water cooling set up for my new build. I was going to use a antec p182, but have read that the larger video cards require the removal of the internal drive bay cage to fit. I plan to run 6 3.5 drives for the build, so I am planning on getting a new case and using the p182 for a server setup.

What cases would you recommend? I know I need to read all the water cooling articles before choosing components for the loop. I would just like to figure out which case to go with first.

I would prefer something without tons of lights, looking for something more subtle and professional looking. Side window is optional.

So I need a case with the following:
- 6 internal drive bays
- 3 external 5.25 bays(two optical, 1 fan control, I could go with only two optical if fans aren't needed for a WC set up)
- Black

I will be waiting for the new cards to come out before I buy, but if I had to buy today it would be a 275 or 285 card. So the case needs to be able to fit the big stuff.

I was thinking of the HAF 932, but I'm not sure I need a high airflow case with the WC.
EDIT: Just saw that the 932 only has 5 internal bays. I was planning on three drives in raid 0 and three drives in raid 5, though I suppose I could go to only two drives in raid 0 and three in raid 5, so I guess a 5 bay case would work. Would prefer a 6 bay one though.

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  1. You should still get a fairly high airflow case because your motherboard, power supply, and other components will still need the airflow, and depending on how large of a WC setup you do your graphics card may need it to. A full tower like the HAF 932 would be good, the antec 1200 is huge but comes with tons of lighted fans.
  2. I've noticed that some of the cases have two or three external 3.5 bays. Can I leave the cover on and use it for an internal drive? Will it fit like that? If so, it opens up several options.
  3. Yeah, there are lots of 5.25" to 3.5" adapters available that let you put a hard drive in an optical drive bay. If you only need 1 DVD burner that frees up alot of slots for hard drives.
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