Is 1.4 volts is "safe" for i7 930 please help

My 930 currently runing at 4Ghz with 1.375 Vcore and + 150 on the VTT i think it's 1.3 V.
And i want to get it up to 4.2 Ghz. Is 1.4-1.41V is safe for 930 CPU? I have it under water and my temps in idle is 35 C and after 18 hours of prime 95 i am getting 70C all that with 1.375 V i am planing to use that chip for about 2-3 years.
Thank you
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  1. What are you computer spec's. Do you really think that the extra .2 ghz is going to make much of a difference and is worth the life of the 930? Acording to the bios what does it say for the maximum voltage that can be applied to that cpu. What else have you done for your overclock , multiplier? bclk? There are several increments to go through before hitting 1.4v and you may not need to go to 1.4 at all to hit your 4.2ghz.
  2. I got second gtx 580 and SLI need a lot of CPU power. I know that from 4 to 4.2 ghz i wil not see such a difference but i just want to OC it as higher as i can in kind of "safe" rages.
    Intel i7 930, evga x58 sli MotherB, Corsair doninator GT 1600 Timing is 7-7-7-20, two evga gtx 580, three SSD Intel X25-m 80 gb in raid 0, PSU Antec 1200 w and custume made case. Every thing is under water
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